Shorts & self-acceptance

Are these even pants at all?! 
I'm sure that's exactly what a lot of people think when I wear these shorts. But one fine quality of mine, I rarely care of what strangers think of me and I'm rather amused to provoke the narrow minded. The other fine quality, I'm all about fine qualities only (LOL),  is self-acceptance. I hope you read sarcasm and I don't have to tell you that I think I'm the greatest thing on earth, panda's and kittens are. But to be serious for a moment, with the media telling girls they're not skinny enough or have to look like a Victoria's Angel sans wings about every minute every day... Self-acceptance has become a real issue, everybody knows it. 
Just one of zillion examples, vanity sizing in stores. They push the measurements into smaller sizes so women can feel better about themselves. My real hip measurements would easily fit into the real size 42, while I usually buy a 38 in stores. Identity of women became all about the numbers, our weight, size, age,...

It's really time to claim it back, starting with turning that switch that makes you care what other people think of YOUR body and YOUR personality. It's about doing what you want. Want to work out? Fine. Want to eat carbs? Fine too. I really don't care, because it's your body and everybody should decide for themselves. 

I eat whatever the hell I want to, whenever I want to, I rarely really work out, but I don't feel guilty about any of it. I started swimming this year, but with starting to work, I can't go as frequently as I want to. At least I don't have to sit behind a desk the whole day at work. The two things that I do is stretch a lot and try not to eat a whole meal in the evening. Just because it usually makes me sick, because I'm not used to it. Off course there're exceptions, when I come home from work really hungry or when we go to eat out. I usually eat some fruit and a yogurt and have my bigger meal during the day. 
It's just all about what makes you feel good, remember that! 

I didn't plan for a rant here, but it was important. It can't always be about shitty weather.

Wearing: Mango coat, Zara sweater, Customized Levi's shorts via The Public Image, Sacha boots, Fashionology necklace, Michael Kors watch.

Some self-mockery never hurt anyone, meme time again!

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