After the rain comes the sun.

Here I'm again. It was a busy week + very shitty weather so I couldn't blog. I'm a kind of blogger who doesn't keep a zillion posts in the pipeline, so sometimes I end up without. I wasn't really inspired, putting on my Autumn gear on again too. It was nothing but sweaters, sneakers & rain this week. The weather forecast promised the same thing today, but when I woke up, the sun was shining and I even laid in the garden in my BIKINI!!!! 

Another problem came up, I didn't plan a warm weather outfit, as I came to my bf after work, wearing a wool coat and biker boots. Gotta 'love' Belgium and it's unpredictable weather. Luckily I had this dress lying around in the closet and since I haven't took outfit pictures of it yet, it was perfect for this warm day.
Then came the long process of taking those pictures. I'm still figuring out the setting of the 50mm lens. What should work, not always does. The manual focus is a bit of a bitch, so we ended up with a lot of pictures where I was just blurry and the background was sharp. It would've been easier if I just couldn't turn that thing at all. I'm happy with how the better pictures turned out, though. Loving the saturation overdose! But with a bit of weather luck we get to practice again tomorrow.

I had a lovely sunny Sunday and hope you did too. Off now to watch Six Feet Under and the new series about Hannibal Lecter.

Wearing: Primark dress and heels, BCBG Max Azria clutch, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses.

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