You know that feeling when shopping is actually worse than no shopping whatsoever? I sure do. Currently I'm craving so much stuff, that I don't know what to choose. I tried to combine the items that I'm pretty sure I'll buy in the coming months. Because I need to, I must, yeah, I'm just a little crazy. Girl gone wild. Just take that money away from me already!

So, about the items above. How perfect is that dress?! It's like the perfect base for my whole wardrobe. You can never have too many biker boots, NEVER! Same goes for crucifixes. Oh, and I'm really OBSESSED with this bag. I'm in need of a larger bag, but I want something special, not what is what currently available is stores. Time to save up a bit.

Dress: Asos/ Biker boots: River Island/ Crucifix: Fashionology/ Bag: Antik Batik

Something I've been wanting for a long time, but never been able to find in stores, a proper black maxi. Nothing I've seen has quite triggered the buying reflex so far. Luckily Asos can solve almost every shopping desire. I think I'll go for the two on the right for now, they're both on sale.

And to end on a lighter note. Just look at all this prettiness! Really digging those jeans, but I never ordered jeans online, pants shopping is quite tricky. But who not dares, doesn't win, right?!

Sweater & glasses: Boohoo/ Earrings & jeans: Asos

After making these mood boards I realised that every item in here would work so great together. Darn, this only made things worse! Just thing of the endless combination possibilities! First world problems...

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