Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Round up

I've been kind of dreading this post, I don't know why really. Guess I've kind of been 
in a melancholy mood today, wishing this year would come to an end already.

2013 had it's great moments, but also those when I lost faith for some moments, also when it comes to society. I worked hard, didn't really play hard, though, (def. getting older), been to Paris once more and set some steps towards my dreams. Next year I need to work even harder, push myself even further
I'm both eager and scared of what 2014 will bring. It's gonna be a significant year when it comes to personal life, I'll be moving in with my boyfriend once the house is finished (is it ever, though?!?) I also hope my career path will take a definite direction.

Musically 2013 has also been a great year, I saw a lot of my favorite bands and artists, such as Lana Del Rey, Hurts, Die Antwoord, Rihanna, Placebo, 30 Seconds to Mars,... There're already a lot of concerts planned in the first half of the year for me, with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and probably Miley among them. What can I say?! I just love me some music! Not to worry, some heavier bands are also on the schedule, I haven't lost my love for heavy genres. I'm one of those people who listens to A LOT of genres.

I also made a little collage of what I hope to buy in 2014. We make money, we spend money. 
I guess I better start saving up for diss shizz. I also thought about buying a car (#WhoAmIKidding), but maybe need to work on that drivers license first.

2/4 of the collage I hope to make mine ASAP. Obviously you need a calendar at the start of the year and it OBVIOUSLY needs to have, my idol, Grumpy Cat in it. 
The leopard coat is from Zara and I'm going to buy it during the sales. My dream coat right thurr. 
Perfectly matching the coat , would be these Pigalle Louboutins. Just need to have them in my life, because I know I'll be wearing them a lot too and I sincerely believe grown up girls need expensive shoes!
And to totally wreck my bank account I dream of Rocco, the great Alexander Wang's bag. Not sure about the color, but I'm thinking grey shades, so I can switch between Winter and Summer.

So, I'll say 'Good Bye' already, as I have to work tomorrow (major buzz kill), and this is my last post of the year. I'll be checking in 2014.
I hope all of you will have a fun, but safe night of celebrations!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holidays are heeere!

Merry Christmas, dearest readers!
I've fallen into a patron of celebrating (started with my birthday), being sick and working. Time management class is what I should do.

So a few quick lines before I go and stuff my face with food until I can't breath anymore.
I hope all of you spend the holidays the way you most like it and with people you love, or books or whatever you love.

I can't deny it, I always loved the holiday season, great food, cheesy songs, presents and laughs, what not to love? For years I wanted a corny Christmas sweater, a little kitsch can't hurt anyone, right?! While one sweater is on it's way, I hope I get it soons, I'm wearing another one I picked up at River Island recently.
Faux fur and glitters, this just screams Christmas.

Annebeth took this pictures during a day out on the town. I just love that Christmas treee!

Wearing: Mango coat, River Island sweater and bag, 3Suisses sweater, H&M jeans and shirt, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers, Swarovski ring.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

To breath with Kings

Winter's taking it's place. I kind of like the current weather, it's chilly, but super sunny outside. No rain, snow, wind or clouds. The best possible Winter weather if you ask me. Time to pull out my faux furs from the closet, definitely one of my most favorite pieces of clothing! I'm coat obsessed in general, so I could easily have a rainbow of faux furs and leather jackets in the coming years. 
I'm afraid I could never shake that Carrie quote of money hanging right were I can see it...

One of the new pieces that I recently added to the wardrobe is this Tutankhamun sweater I've been obsessing with for a few months. I loved everything related to ancient Egypt since I was a child and this sweater is the perfect reflection of it. Unfortunately I've never visited Egypt before, but I certainly hope to get a chance to visit all the beautiful historical sites someday!

Keeping it short today, as I have a pretty eventful week and need to get enough sleep and way too often I forget to do just that.

Wearing: H&M faux fur coat, Zara bag, necklace and boots, Oasap sweater, c/o G-Star Raw jeans, Pimkie beanie.

Love how my ombre almost blends in with the sweater.

Pictures by Annebeth 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Change For the Better #2 - Not Giving Up

The whole point of a challenge is to keep going through it, but as always, life will get in a way.
I'm both angry and ashamed that it took me so long for my next entry. 
You know these New Year resolutions, how long all of us actually keep them?
Getting fit has been on my list for years and I can actually say that I'm closer to it than ever.
Smaller portions of food and a dynamic work environment have shown great results, but still, I'm set to going to a sports school one way or another. I must admit I'm always busy, lazy or sick, but I will find the time to go and work my butt off! 

Giving up, no matter the goal, is always the easiest way. You've got to really want something, to find the power and the courage to fight for it and to own. You know that comfort zone, once you get into it, you kinda give up and go with the flow. Well, I tend to fight it, some life patterns are good, but some you have to fight against. I, as hell, don't want too much to regret when I'm old. I don't believe in a 'perfect body image', but I'm just curious if I can get those abs, ever. A girl has to know, right?

I was always jealous of those athletic type of girls such as Gwen Stefani or Pink, because I'm as sporty as a bag of potatoes. But I'll keep on pushing until I get there! 
Might as well go do push-ups right away, against the wall. 'Cause who we're kidding?! A sack of potatoes can't turn into a sports freak overnight.

And some motivational inspiration never hurt no one either!

In the meantime, while I'm revovering from a bad throat ache, I've started to work-out more at home. My abs ache a bit, must admit, a nice feeling.
Will be checking into a sports school asap, to hold these holidays pounds away. 'Cause I haven't given up on food, far from it!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paris outfit

Okay, you basically saw what I was wearing in Paris, but let's pretend you didn't as I show you the better pictures, right?!
A week before Paris I fell in love with a biker coat, nothing surprising so far. The only detail it's that it's white/cream. Most people must think of black when they think of me. The truth is, I've been intrigued by white silhouettes for a while, but I get a stain on whites in just a few hours. Still, I went for it, because the coat cost me almost peanuts as it was from Pimkie. A store I rarely visit, because a lot of the items are for a slightly younger public. 
I was glad Annebeth showed me the biker jacket, otherwise I'd never have found out about it anyway. At first I was hesitant in the store, because WHITE COAT! But I'm so happy I bought it, totes in love (such a coat addict btw). The fact that the coat comes from a capsule collection of a blogger Camille Over the Rainbow says enough. There seemed to be other nice pieces in the collection, but the messy store prevented me from discovering them.

I managed not two buy one, but two favorite pieces at Pimkie that day. At last, I have my veiled beanie! Long after Jil Sander and my endless procrastination of my making one myself, I finally have one. I must say this beanie is a show stopper. I've had tons of compliments, people taking pictures of me. I was afraid of a lot of people wearing one this Winter, but I haven't seen anyone with it in real life so far. 

Wearing: Pimkie coat and beanie, Zara & bag sweater, H&M jeans, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers, Essentiel tail, Lanvin x H&M necklace.

I am yet to make a stain on the coat, doing a great job so far!
 Do you like wearing shades of white?