Monday, March 31, 2014

Growing up and designer stuff

One of the perks of growing up and getting a job is the budget you get with it. While most of it usually goes to domestic stuff (we're still renovating our future home), bills and food, you also get to treat yourself once in a while. With getting older I'd rather invest in a timeless piece, than by 20 trend items from a high street brand. Even if buying high street I always think about if I still would wear something post hype or not.
Sometimes life throws you a nice offer you can't refuse. After getting my first designer bag from Karl Lagerfeld just a few months ago, a second one followed quickly. I'm now the proud owner of a Balenciaga bag! No, I'm still not at the point of paying around 1000 euros for a bag, we still have second hand for a reason. So I just ended up buying a mint condition Balenciaga for a crazy price, SCORE!

I love the fact that it's a rather 'rare' model. 'Motorcycle' and 'City' are the better known models, mine is a more minimal, but still cool, 'Papier A4'. After having a black bag, I wanted something different, but still timeless. So my 'Papier' is dark blue. I love how versatile it is! It can perfectly be worn with a more alternative outfit or a classy one. Big winner in my book, as I change styles several times a week! 
The only minus to it so far, is the 'no zipper' part. I guess people who can afford this bag aren't suppose to use public transportation, but as it is spacious and I usually carry way too much stuff with me, the thieves will have a hard time finding my wallet there anyhow.

What can I say, I'm happy with my first Balenciaga and who knows what the future will bring?
The first outfit featuring it is a casual (lazy) weekend outfit. Running errands is so much nicer when you have this companion, I tell you! And I love Spring blossoms, end rant.

Wearing: H&M sweater and rings, Asos jeans, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers, Balenciaga Papier bag, Zara sunnies.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fringe and Summer vibes

Hello, peeps! I'm so terribly behind on posting again, but I've been either busy or crashing hard the past weeks. I seriously need to get back into that regular posting schedule.
Luckily, after the first Spring 'heat wave' the second one is starting RIGHT NOW. We're going to have an epic weekend, weather wise and just when I was freezing my ass off in a big faux fur coat just yesterday.
Bring it on, I'm ready now! That also involves looking like an albino when being photographed, but I like letting my skin run it's natural course during Winter. I'm so not into that leather couch look that tanning salons provide you of.

Also one fun fact, once it's sunny, I tend to turn into a peace loving hippie, rather than my grumpy usual self.
Bohemian style can be so pretty during Summer months, also this means fringe on everything and jewelry overdosing. My favorite things! 

Wearing: H&M shirt dress, Zara boots, Forever 21 crystal necklace, c/o Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

Pictures by Nina Van Wiele

Enjoy your sunny weekend and don't forget about SPF!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Change For The Better Part V: Eating habits

My main goal of the pledge is to get fit, not necessarily to lose weight. I'm not one for diets, never tried one and hopefully never will. I believe the key is eating healthy and not to overeat. Overeating has been one major issue of my life until just a few years back. It was always just me and my mom, but that never stopped her to cook as if an entire army was waiting for dinner. One meal could easily fit two or three normal food portions and once you get used to that, it's hard to go back. Luckily I never reached a point of no return and just started eat a lot less over the years. I still occasionally stuff myself till I can't breath, but make sure to enlist a 'light day' after.

I decided to sum up some food rules I live by:

Always eat breakfast
It said to be the most important meal of the day and I believe that statement. If I get up early to go to work I can eat just a little. Usually my breakfast is some whole wheat bread with something on top and tea or coffee. Also I only eat bread at breakfast.
In the weekends I like to eat musli with milk or yogurt and some fruit or berries.

Eat smaller portions
Okay, I don't eat a new born kitten portion of food, the key is to eat just enough to get you through the needed physical activity. May day to day life is pretty physically demanding, so I need to replenish my energy resources enough with a meal not to fall over at the end of the day.

Avoid meat as much as possible
I've never been a grand meat eater, just never really liked it. I prefer fish or a vegetarian option instead.
I think you just have to be aware of what you eat and where that meat is coming from. 
Plus I also have to compensate my love for leather jackets somehow.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit instead
I don't believe how a person can eat a slight variation of same food whole his life. Believe me, a lot of Belgian people eat a piece of meat with potatoes and if you are lucky a vegetable of season most of their lives. I eat at least three different sorts of fruits and vegetables every day. I need my fibers and vitamins!

I usually skip dinner
A Russian proverb says: 'Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend and give dinner to your enemy'.
Pretty much sums up my daily eating habits. I tend to eat around lunch time at work, as I get home late from work. I try avoiding eating a lot after 6pm, my dinner is usually a few pieces of fruit. 

Avoid sodas
We never have sodas at home, too much sugar and chemicals. At home I only drink water or a glass of juice during lunch. I can enjoy a glass of coke in the weekend, but much more I prefer the Belgian non-chemical Tao drinks instead.

Avoid fried food
Though I love it, I rarely eat anything fried, because it's the devil! I also never eat chips.

Most important rule of all: I'm not on a diet and can eat whatever I want
Because I want to live a little and sometimes I break some of the above rules. I love pizza, cake and chocolate and I wont feel guilty after, because getting fit for me is testing my power of will and physical boundaries. I'm confident enough with my body as it is, but I like a challenge.

So are there any specific food rules you like to follow?

Picture on an intergalactic cat on a sandwich to end this, cause cats make everything better, right?!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Summer in Winter

The title pretty much says it all. We've experienced an amazing weekend when it comes to weather. 20°C in the beginning of March is rare for Belgium. It felt like Summer came to stay and never would go away, I wish it wouldn't!
I'm so much happier when the sun shines, so my spirits were running high. I had a great time hanging out with bestie, going out for pizza and cocktails, spending time with the boyfriend and hitting the gym. Life can be so easy sometimes and those days we have to enjoy. There're more sunny days coming up, so I'm planning to do just that.

Also it's time to introduce back some color in my outfit posts, it's not that I don't wear any.
For now another head to toe look, some things never change.

P.S. I'm very much in love with my new skirt from H&M trend collection. It's pretty much perfect! Also plan on getting it in light grey.

Wearing: Oasap sweater, H&M Trend skirt, Zara boots, Karl Lagerfeld bag, Fashionology ring, Michael Kors watch.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adidas bomber

If you told me a few years ago I'd return to a sports look or life style (euhm, working out at all), I'd probably laugh in your face, but this is just how the trends work. Sporty is in and I admit, I jumped that wagon. To my defense, I used to wear sporty/urban gear in my early teens and always loved urban music. And besides, who can't agree that there's nothing as comfortable to walk in as a pair of sneakers?!

Although I love elaborate pieces of clothing and zillion layers, I also need my comfort of skinny jeans, sneakers and a sweater. I also happen to love and be obsessed with coats and jackets, so a nice bomber comes in handy in upgrading that sporty look and not looking like you are on your way to the gym.
I recently got approached to choose some pieces from Scotts Menswear and this bomber jacket from Adidas already caught my eye when Annebeth wore it. At first I didn't choose it, but after another item sold out I went with the bomber after all and so glad that I did. Shopping at a men's online shop is a different experience. It's nice to see different pieces and try to imagine how you're going to style them as a female. Besides, I always loved stealing my boyfriend's shirts and sweaters, so a men's wardrobe is not strange to me.
The bomber proved to be a nice versatile piece and it's pretty warm too, perfect for these chilly Spring days. Big Winner!

What about you, would you shop at a men's department ? 

Wearing: Adidas Bomber jacket via ScottsMenswear, Zara shirt, H&M pants, All Stars sneakers, Twice As Nice Ring, Michael Kors watch, Primark beanie.

A thing that also happened two weeks ago, I got gel nails. My own nails have been breaking off for last few months and almost stopped growing too. Though I heard both sides of pro and contra, I'm glad I did it. I only got four nails elongated and the other once are my own. I love how polished they look, even after two weeks! They also got pretty long and remind me of Lana Del Rey. I'm imagining she even could wear a similar outfit on her day off to chill with the girls. Twinzies!
By the way, my ring finger nail changes color with temperature. It's purple when cold and pink when warm, or both. Too cool!

My rainbow ombre has been slowly washing out and leaving a trace of purple on every light surface I came in contact with, but I'm happy with every state. It's like having a new shade every time I wash my hair.

Inspired by this Spring weather, I abandoned my rule not to wear Summer shoes when it's cold and went with my beloved All Stars, maybe froze my feet off just a little in the process.