Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter essentials

Yes, I managed to post another outfit. The reason why they are so rare lately, is that I actually really dislike Winter and my daily looks are just the basics that need to keep me warm and lots of layers. As a feel I don't wear much exciting outfits during the colder months, my motivation to shoot them fades. Yes, my lazy mode kicks in pretty much when temperatures start to drop.

Most of the time I'm wearing:

 - Some kind of an oversized sweater
- Skinny jeans
- Biker or over knee boots
- Faux fur

Once in the blue moon, I tend to wear something slightly more elaborate. This outfit is the perfect example of my Winter uniform, except for the overknee boots actually having a heel. Me sliding on the ice during the process is another story. What we won't do for pictures! The boots were lying around for a year to be worn, but hooked on them now.

I actually don't bother with my dress code, just only looking appropriate for work is okay. My social life is at it's lowest during the cold months and to be honest with the recent tragic events I don't even feel like visiting any public places if it's not necessary.
2015 didn't wait to swing full force I guess. I sincerely hope that the rest of the year won't be as horrible... I'm really out of words about the ignorant people of this planet.

Peace to all!

Wearing: Thrifted faux fur coat, Louis Vuitton sweater, Cheap Monday jeans, Evado boots, Chanel bag.

Looking like Rudolph is my thing during the Winter. Freezing moments! Luckily my new favorite Louis Vuitton sweater is super warm.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New year - new home


 So as we're already on the third day of new year, it's time to reflect some.
The year passed by way too quickly, if you ask me. It kind of scares me a little to see time pass by at such speed, as if you get older times switches to the next gear. 
Though it passed quickly, it was marked by some important milestones: a new job and finally moving into our new house - aka the adult life. Though we moved about a month ago, I still can't believe it!
The place is already starting to look very homey, numerous Ikea trips are the reason and I'm never taking down that Christmas tree, because it gives that little extra to the interior. Luckily Russian Christmas is still coming up next week.

The downstairs is almost finished, except for some minor details, so only the rooms on the first floor remain, off course the priority goes to the bedroom. A new bed and closets are next on the shopping list, muchos excited!
I was pinning home inspiration for years, and as my personal style, my interior taste is eclectic, but luckily me and my boyfriend so far agree on everything and if not I convince him that I know better. Though the whole 'white everything' has been a Pinterest/interior trend lately, I couldn't live in such a 'bright' house and you'll have to redo the walls in just a few years, cause they will get soiled! As for my wardrobe, I'm much more attracted to darker shades. Our living room is a combination of dark purple and light grey wallpaper with accents of light furniture to avoid a cave feel. So far the living room looks modern, but with a personal touch. The bedroom will be more of a celebration of my goth-side, but more about that later on.

For now a small preview of our living room.

And for some goals for the new year:

 * Decorate our home further in 2015.
* Getting that drivers license, because this is getting embarrassing (I just had my first lesson btw).
* Start to work out again, unfortunately I've been out of it for some time, because my immune system likes to pick up every cold on it's way.
 * Blog more
* And last but not least, travel more, because that is what lacked in 2014.
 Did you set any goals for the new year? Either way, I hope you can make them happen!
 Much love,