Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In the woods

So, guess what?! It's finally Halloween tomorrow! 
Excuse me for sounding like a broken record on repeat, but I'm excited. My witchy outfit and matching jewelry are picked out and my broom is ready for a flight. I'd totally be down with some cool powers, for realz. Just imagine! 

You'd definitely see the pictures from tomorrow's party, and in the meanwhile a bit more of Halloween appropriate ones coming up.

Wearing: Y blazer, Forever 21 dress, Sacha boots, Vecona brooch, Six ring, Zara Home skull candle.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween is coming!

I'm very excited that next week it'll already be Halloween. I must admit I love everything related to it. 
Though I change my style up a lot, I'm still a goth at heart and Halloween is just another day to celebrate that darkness. 
After the splendid party at Annebeth's place last year (1 & 2), I'm so looking forward to the one next week.
We're more than inspired by the new American Horror Story season - Coven, so I expect quite a witch gathering. At least I'll decided I'll be going in witchy inspired outfit for sure!

What are your plans for Halloween, are you celebrating and/or dressing up?
If you don't feel to go too costumey, you can always pick a casual outfit inspired by something Halloweeny.
I just was too excited and created some mood boards with the classic characters. Now I want all of the stuff I saw in the process. 

For more Halloween inspiration visit my Pinterest board 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Personal shopping & sporty look

Last Tuesday I had my first official experience as a personal shopper. I was both nervous and excited, but I think it went pretty well and my customer was satisfied at the end. I also ended up wanting to buy everything we chose for her. I'm pretty looking forward to more personal shopper experiences.

The weather was quite dreary, so I chose something easy to wear. My new Nike Air Maxes, which you're probably already tired off, give every outfit a sportier edge. Who would've thought, me and sporty used in one sentence (trend whore right thur).
I met up with Annebeth for about 15 minutes to snap the pics, fun as always!

Wearing: Mango coat, Zara scarf, bag and sweater, H&M leggings & rings, c/o Nike Air Max sneakers, Forever 21 beanie, Essentiel tail, c/o Swatch watch.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making a pledge

A while ago I've been contacted by the people of Kellogg's for a project. Kelogg's and Special K  chose bloggers to participate in their Change For the Better campaign. Each blogger takes a pledge and gets a budget to reach their goal to become the most confident version of themselves. One of my goals (every year again) is to get fitter, so I decided to continue doing just that. After all, a better version of yourself is always nice. 

It's crazy that the year is slowly coming to it's end. Does time fly even faster each year we get older? I sure think so. But this year, probably for the first time, I actually tried my best to reach that goal. I started swimming at first, but after I started working that was out of the picture. A day at work is pretty physically demanding (lot's of stairs), but helps improve my condition. I'd like to add some actual physical excercise to strengthen my muscles. I'm curious if I can get into that crazy Iggy Azalea shape if I devote to it. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to working out, but if I decide on something, I'm usually willing to push boundaries.

Currently I'm on the lookout for a work-out outfit (I still want to look okay even while sweating myself to death). The first step are my new Nike Air Max babies. Seriously, the best footwear! Next on my 'lets get fit' wishlist are weights. I was able to lose my previous pair somewhere at home (while redecorating) and I miss how practical they are.

So, in the meanwhile me wearing my new super fly sneakers and showing of all my other new shizz I happened to buy in one day (oops). Damn/bless you Nele and your holy grail of a shop!

Wearing: All Saints biker jacket and Mink Pink dress via The Public Image, Forever 21 knee socks, c/o Nike Air Max sneakers.

I'm seriously loving this, sporty, gothy, school girl outfit. I swear I'll wear school girl inspired outfits until it starts to get weird and people would think I lost it, which they already do at times, but who cares?!

So, I'll be keeping you, guys, informed on how my pledge goes in the next few weeks/months. 
What pledge would you take to change for the better?

Thanks to for this opportunity!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

At dusk

It is me again, in the blog/photo flesh. Busy times once again, all work, no play and that shitty first Autumn illness in the meanwhile. I decided to change things up around here and play around with the lay-out ('great' timing there). I was kinda inspired by the purple details of the Nike Air Max sneakers I showed in the last post, which, by the way, are waiting for me at the bf house already (insert major excitement here). 
I'm not completely satisfied with everything and might change things up soon, but don't have the time at the moment. Kind of the lay-out limbo here now.

It was about time to show my face again. I'm still in that warm to cold weather transition, right now I just want to cover myself with a blankie and sleep forever. This feeling translates well onto my daily style, read comfy sweaters and sneakers, a leather jacket, oversized scarf (blankie) and a beanie. I'll be pulling out the faux furs soon. These items are kind of a Winter uniform, somehow I always returns to the same style after some Summer experiments. 
In this outfit I'm wearing all the items from previous years, that are still my favorites. Off course I'll be updating my wardrobe with some new pieces, but I'm glad to have that base to return to.

Wearing: Zara blouse and sweater, Forever21 jeans, Sacha boots, Ken bag, Fashionology bracelet, I am necklace.

I love this sweater, I can live in it for days going from bed to work in it. 

Me and the bf spent hours making pizza from scratch, so by the time we were getting this pictures it was nearly dark, I do like how blurry they turned out. A perfect Fall mood right there. I bet it'll be freezing in no time.