Balloon sleeve jumpsuit

When you have a perfect outfit for a date in Paris, but you are home and the temperature drops below 0°C again. We were heading in the right direction and even hit +15 recently, just for it to drop again and start snowing. I decided to move the dinner table in the living room and just to snap some quick shots, so not to interrupt out hermit weekend.  

Ever since I received this jumpsuit from Shein, I couldn't wait to wear it, but no right occasion came along yet. I already can picture myself wearing it on a Summer night out. Only not sure what to do with the length of it, make it shorter or leave it as it is, as I feel like it's at an awkward length now and not quite as long or short as I would prefer.

 On the positive side, I do have a week of much needed holiday coming up next week and already started making plans to do everything I didn't have time to in the last few months. Such as catching up on my stack of magazines, going out to the movies with my girls to watch 50 Shades, but also ironing a pile of laundry.

Wearing: Shein jumpsuit, Louis Vuitton ballerinas, Aldo earrings

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