Thursday, May 31, 2012


Recently I've been contacted by the English webshop Very to have a look at their collection. 
I must admit, I never heard of this webshop before, but was pleasantly surprised.
Being quite the fashion addict, I concentrated on my favorite thing, dresses! 
Browsing through hundreds of different styles and brands I discovered lot's of styles I liked. 
 I wish my wardrobe could welcome at least one these beauties!

All of these dresses would be perfect for summer days and nights. A girl can never have too many!

If you like what you see, make sure to take a look at

UK readers, have a look at these links as well!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Candy Cane

Well, let me start this post by screaming out: 'I'M FINALLY FREEEEE!!!' 
Excuse me my enthusiasm, but after weeks of being held hostage behind my laptop, I'm finally finished with my thesis. It's already printed and I only have to drop it off at my college tomorrow. 16000 words later I feel both happy and relieved and kinda proud too. Though I was never one to pay a lot of attention to my grades. I guess I was lucky I always had good grades without doing a lot of effort for it. Though education is important, remember that kids! In the end the amount of diploma's won't make you better or smarter at living your life or the choices you make. Being smart in life and in studies doesn't always go together, but that depends on the person, I guess.

Well, enough rambling about smartness. My thesis is slayed and that calls for a celebration!
I did that by finally relaxing in the sun, with a minor sunburn as a result. But I finally have some color now. Though I enjoy being pale in the winter, I hate to be nor pale or tanned in the summer. You know when your shoulders get a color, but the rest of the body still looks white? Well, I try to avoid that. I overdid it a bit, by lying around in the sun for hours, while reading. I looked like a lobster for the first 24 hours, but now only my shoulders and neck area are still sore. I didn't expect to get burned, that never happened before in Belgium, but I guess I didn't try as hard before as I did now. Well, a lesson learned!

Still I couldn't be happier with the current weather, sun always makes me happy. So does my new dress with candy cane stripes. It's perfect for the summer. Such an effortless 50's look takes me to the setting of an American diner or a drive in cinema. Oh, how I wish I could time travel!

The dress is made by a Belgian designer called Caroline Mampay. The range of dresses goes from children sizes to grown up's. The shoes are from my beloved Belgian lingerie brand La Fille d'O. I bought both items at the Contemporary Fashion Days or the designer stock sales, last month.

Wearing: C'est Quoi la Vie? dress, La Fille d'O shoes,Vivienne Westwood brooch, Laramie Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Meanwhile in the 'backstage' our dog tries to get attention.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Somewhere in the suburbs

When you live between two cities, like I, you need to divide your wardrobe. The biggest part of it is still in one place, so I have to be creative during the weekends. In the next outfit you can see the bottom part from the outfit from a previous post combined with a different top and cardigan.
I bought this top and cardigan recently with a voucher I still had lying around, from River Island. 
I spent almost a whole hour, choosing and doubting between different items. To my surprise I didn't found a lot that I liked. Initially I wanted to buy a pair of shoes or a bag, but saw nothing that I liked.
So I started scanning through clothing racks. After an hour I ended up with this cardigan, which I love, love! And two tops, one bright pink, the other I'm wearing here, a white one with a panel of lace. Lace is one of my favorite materials, so lace clothing has a big attraction factor to me.
So, liked I said, this cardigan is pure love, it's so soft and has fringes! Everything with fringes gets extra points from me. Above all it's perfect for unpredictable Belgian weather. 
So this outfits gets extra points from me to myself, 'cause of the knit + fringes + lace = 3 favorite things!

Epic hair moment!

Two other favorite things: skulls and neon

Wearing: River Island cardigan & top, Silence + Noise jeans, H&M shoes, bra, bracelet, Swatch watch, Topshop necklace.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clockwork Orange

I noticed I've been wearing more and more colors lately. I guess black days are over. 
Oh, who am I kidding, I'll always love black and this will be my go to autumn/winter color (read 9 months out of 12 in Belgium). But I've been wearing colors more effortless the last year. 
I can imagine people think my closet is filled with black items, but it's actually quite
well divided between colors/prints and black. Black is still easier to wear and style, though.
But I like a challenge, so usually I choose bold colored garments, such as this super bright (make your eyes hurt) sweater. I bought it at the winter sales and been wearing it quite frequently.
It was time to snap some pictures with it. Here you go! Don't mind my tired face.

Wearing: Zara sweater, Silence + Noise high waisted jeans, H&M bracelet and shoes, Black Balloon necklace, Swatch watch.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Wearing: H&M trench, Primark tights, Asos shoes, Prada sunnies, Martha earrings & ring

This is actually the cover up of my previous outfit. It is still quite chilly outside and my playsuit 
was short. I think this trench and the burgundy make a good match. I'm kind of into matching outfits, actually. Sometimes I hate that about my style, at times I'd like it to be more eclectic. 
But the whole thing just depends on my mood swings. 
But let me tell you, not all of it was matching. We bumped into that church door while looking 
for a place to shoot. Big was my surprise when I saw that the door totally matched the whole burgundy theme. 

As for daily life, not much has been 'up'. I haven't left the house in three days. Actually I barely 
left my desk. I spend my day typing on the last piece of work for college and it has been
draining all of my powers. I can't wait till I'm finally finished with it. And I can be free for at least a week before I start preparing for the last final battle of college life. I've been studying for five years
and I'm done with it. Though starting on the job market freaks me out quite a bit as well. 
One step at a time, though, must slay that paper first.

And an epic picture to end the post (insert drum roll here*)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


May I introduce you a new love of mine, I'm sure you've seen them many times before. 
But still, to me they're very special. I'm talking about my new Prada Baroque sunglasses.
These sunnies were kindly offered to me by a Dutch webshop called SmartBuyGlasses
Their website offer a large scale of designer sunglasses at reduced prices. You can choose between a large scale of designers and models. Make sure to visit their webshop at 
I must say the service of the webshop is great too, I never had so many updates about my order before.
I've been in love with these sunnies ever since they made their appearance in the Prada ad. Unfortunately they were a tad out of my budget. But dreams do come true sometimes and we're reunited at last! I don't care that these glasses were all over the internet, around here they're still quite 'shocking'. You'll see a lot of them in the future. Now we only need more sun to go with them!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My baby likes to play!

They say girl just wanna have fun and in my opinion we don't get enough time to play. I, for example, am stuck at home behind my laptop, typing all day long. Sore muscles and headache as a result, not much fun if you ask me. So when the weekend started, I decided to go full force on that outfit of mine. Every excuse to leave the house is reason enough to dress up these days. The weather was ok'ish, so pulled my new playsuit on. Don't you just love that word, PLAYSUIT?! The word alone makes me feel all giddy. I was on the lookout for a playsuit for years, but Belgium never got the trend, I'm not surprised. But just when I least expected it, I found one, in my home town at an outlet store. I felt in love immediately, not only is the model perfect, but it has an open back and a guitar print. This is probably the closest that I'll get to guitar playing, well that and my boyfriend the guitar player :) I'm really not gifted in that area, my double jointed fingers can't even form chords properly. Back to the point now, I was happy to score this Denny Rose playsuit for a sweet 'throw away' price. I also got a Moschino Cheap & Chic top.
People who read my blog probably figured out that I'm not afraid to show some leg. I like to enjoy my youth while I have it, you know! So I went all the way, the print, the bows, the hair, ... to create this retro look. I like how 60's it turned out to be! In my heart I'm a gogo girl all the way!

These beautiful mary jane shoes were waiting in my closet a few years to be worn. I'm glad I rediscovered them again!

Wearing: Denny Rose playsuit, Primark tights, Asos shoes, Swatch Lacquered Gent watch, H&M necklace, Martha Gent bow ring & earrings.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mr. Galliano, I miss you!

Just a little reminder of how big of a fashion hero John Galliano really is.
Eternal love to him for changing fashion. Dior would not be what it is at this point
if it wasn't for him. It's sad to see how ungrateful people can be sometimes.
I miss him and his brilliant vision. Hope he'll be back some day.
Enjoy this red parade.

Images of differen haute couture collections of the 00's.