DIY Flower Headband

I wanted to make a new flower headband in some pastel colors and so I did.
This is probably the easiest DIY EVER and even if you have two left hands you can pull it off easily.
I used fake fabric decoration flowers the first time I made a headband and I needed to cut of the peduncle and use wire to secure it to the headband and it took me quite some time to finish.

This time I got lucky and bumped into some pretty nice foam flowers in pastel pink and lilac, which had wire already adjusted to them. So I just had to wind it around the headband. I was done is less than 15 minutes and the whole thing cost me about 5 euros. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Step I
You'll be needing a headband, preferably one that matches your hair color, and some foam flowers. You can usually find such flowers in craft or decoration stores .

Step II
Wind the wire of the flowers one by one around the headband. I chose to use two colors. You can use just one or many different colors, duh!

Step III
Tadaaa, you're done and you can start looking like a flower godess in less than 15 minutes.
I'm planning to wear mine to the Lana Del Rey concert I'll be going to next Friday. Can't even start telling how stoked I am.

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