Sunday, December 30, 2012

Never too much decorations

With New Year in sight and Orthodox Christmas still coming up the Christmas decorations are in full glory here at home. I looove everything glittery and Christmas related. The holidays definitely bright up the winter and I'm long not saying goodbye to my tree. This is a snap of what's going on here right now.

Yes, I'm snow man obsessed!

As this is my last post of 2012, I want to wish you all the best in the coming year. May all your wishes come true, or at least most of them. Let 2013 be better than this year!
Also, I want to thank my readers to sticking with me and returning to my blog time after time. I hope to see you again next year. 

Happy New Year! Hope you all have a blast celebrating!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas recap

For the third time in a row I spent my Christmas with my large in law family. 
We had a long dinner and shared quite some laughs. It was the warmest Christmas in years.
Rainy, but warm, didn't feel like winter one bit. I wasn't even cold while taking pictures outside.

Anyhow, won't drag this on too long. Pictures speak louder than words.

The traditional family cake. It was huge and yummy!

Wearing my favorite emerald ring and Essie 'Dive Bar' nail polish.

I'm in love with the lock of my BCBG Max Azria clutch. Reading 'The Great Gatsby' between the courses. I'm that freak who wants to read the book first. I'm almost at the end of it, quite liking it. Looking forward to the film.

Our cheesy Christmas picture :)

The Outfit

Wearing: Zara dress, Primark shoes, BCBG Max Azria clutch.

I'm quite fond of this look, which is both girly and a bit retro. The dress also has an open back, which I prefer to an open cleavage.

I hope all of you had a nice Christmas. Good luck to all of you who are studying these time of the year.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grand Central

This Friday I met up with bestie in Antwerp for some quick shopping and some sushi. We didn't have much time so we quickly ran through some stores and had a delicious boat of futo maki's. Somehow we can't meet up for more than  a few hours at a time. On our way back to the station we passed through the new
La Durée store to pick up some macarons.
The new store is really tiny and there's not as much choice as in Paris, but still it's pretty awesome. In the mean time I already had a lot of different macarons, but La Durée macarons are still my favorite. One of the flavors we picked up was bubblegum. The macaron smells and tastes like bubblegum. When you make a bite you have that same chewy feeling as with bubblegum, but after a few seconds it turns soft anddisappears in your mouth. Some macaron magic, alright!

At first it was raining and afterwards it was too dark to take pictures outside. So we decided to take some pictures at Grand Central station of Antwerp. A truly beautiful piece of architecture and definitely one of my favorites. I pass through it quite frequently, but each and every time enjoy it's beauty. As we were in quite a hurry to catch our train,  we literally had to snap the pictures in just a few minutes. My camera is set for a natural light and the station hall is quite dark. I didn't have the time to change the settings, so we used the flash (the horror) for the head to toe shots. I think it didn't turn out as bad as it sounds, though. And we did catch our train, win-win is you ask me.

I wore my winter uniform of black and grey. Some say it's boring, but it's truly natural to me and my wardrobe is filled with it, so I must wear it.

Wearing: Mango coat, Zara sweater and skirt, Sacha boots, H&M beret, Black Balloon necklace, Michael Kors watch.

That night me and my love had a dinner at our friends house. We had such a great time and the food was delicious. I ate so much that day.
I'm really thankful and must be truly lucky to have a lot of wonderful friends!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post B-Day - Pré X-Mas Wishlist

My birthday already passed and I turned 25 before the world ends once again. Winner! Christmas is just around the corner and so is 2013 (Well, at least if the world doesn't end, riiight?! Which it won't, at least not tomorrow, so don't sweat just yet.). So, some obligatory wishlists coming up here.

These wishlists are never ending, just admit it! There's never a point in your life when you don't crave another dress, gadget, book or whatever. This over-consumerism is exhausting. But not much to do about it, living in the woods with no internet is not my cup of tea.

So this is what I hope to find under the tree this year.

Series are the worst! They steal my life piece by piece. I'm really an addict.

Desperate Housewives is a series I didn't watch yet. Eight seasons is a lot, but I'm curious!
And if I'm feel like rewatching the old once, there're still Friends, The OC and Gilmore Girls

 I've kept a diary since the age of 11, I don't write as much as I used to, but I try to do it more frequently to practice my Russian. My old once are full of silly teenage stuff, but it's fun to reread them sometimes.
To also like scrap books, but don't find the time to do it (too much series, books and internet). The Journals of Keri Smith are perfect for a more creative way of keeping a visual diary. Each page suggests a task. The results of several journals I've seen online are remarkable. Really need to get this box!

Another one is a 5 year Question & Answer type of journal. One question a day, not a lot of work and a whole book full of information about yourself after 5 years.

I loooove all that glitters, the more sequins in my wardrobe, the happier I am. These items are perfect for the holidays!

Green sequined playsuit - Motel at Topshop, Go Bang sweater - Essentiel, Gold playsuit - Rare at Topshop,  Black glitter boots - Asos (going to get them for myself as a birthday present).

Never ending accessories crave.

Besides this all I crave a lot of books, but that's a story for another time. My small book case is full anyway. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting older

So, I'm recovering from a wonderful Birthday (def. with a capital 'B'). Yesterday I turned 25. Though I wasn't all that excited the whole week, it turned out great. I spent it with my boyfriend. Friday we went to see the worlds best burlesque performers in a charming Winter Wonderland themed night. Saturday we went to Eindhoven, Holland to see my favorite band, Deathstars, play at a Metal festival. Though it was only an hour, and I wasn't interested in the other bands, I had the best time. I haven't seen them play in two years and it was a really emotional and a happy moment. After the gig I had a little chat with the bass player. I was really surprised to hear that even after two years he still recognized me.
We also did a little shopping before the show. Eindhoven is such a nice city and I'm definitely going back next year. I regret that I didn't take my camera with me, they had such pretty decorations.

Today I had a wonderful dinner at home, my mom is the best cook in the world to me. So all in all I had a wonderful time. I definitely had too much cake, though. I had three different cakes this week alone. But that's what birthdays are for!
So for the time being, I leave you with a sophisticated or a grown up (for my terms) outfit. Turtlenecks are totally mature, right?! I'll be repeating this outfit at some casual dinner party, for sure!

Wearing: Zara turtleneck, skirt and shoes, Dyrberg/Kern earrings.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Christmas Wreath

While I don't study anymore, but enjoy a sort of vacation for the moment, I finally have time to make more stuff. I love making stuff, clothes, accessories, decorations, I love it all! So sometimes I actually use that time to make something. With Christmas coming up, I decided to make a wreath. I got to the store to buy the supplies and got to work. Here're the results and a little DIY guide.


The one thing you'll definitely need, is the foam base for the wreath. All other materials are of your choice. To decorate, I got an organza ribbon of 500 cm, which was just enough to go around the foam base. I'm a sucker for plastic apples, berries and mushrooms, so I got wild and bought a lot of them. As berries and mushrooms are more Fall appropriate, I bough a plastic Poinsettia plant to add that Christmas flavor.


Wrap the ribbon around the foam base. I divided the ribbon in two equal parts and started wrapping in two ways. It would have been better to just secure one end and wrap it all around. I sew the ends together at the back of the base, to secure the ribbon.


I cut off some leaves of the Poinsettia to start decorating the wreath.


Just start pinning and securing whatever materials you have onto the base. Make sure it doesn't fall off straight away. I used pinning needles to secure the leaves. You can also use glue or a glue gun, but I didn't want to make a mess, so I played it safe.


I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the result. It took me a small hour to make it and it's actually pretty easy. So don't be affraid and get your DIY skillzzz used!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Much more DIY stuff coming up in 2013.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas in sight

Well, I love the end of the year holidays, they give a dark winter a bright and happy feeling. I must admit I'm a sucker for Christmas trees and decorations. There's always something to look forward to every December. My birthday, Christmas, New Years eve and Christmas again (yes, we also celebrate Christmas in January). This way I get a long month of celebration. I try to stretch it out as long as possible. I refused to take down the Christmas tree until February, when I was a little girl :)

I feel that holiday glee coming up and my birthday is already in less than a week. Not even the snow and the rain can ruin that holiday mood! Trying to keep a good spirit. Are you looking forward to the holidays?!

Off course red is the ultimate holiday color!

Wearing: Only shirt, Asos dress, H&M tights & shoes, Michael Kors watch.