Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's almost February and the spring is just around the corner. But the weather is still unpredictable. After a snowy winter last year, we had a hot spring, a rainy summer and fall just stretched over December and January. 
So while we already set our thoughts towards the new season full of frilly dresses, the weather took another turn. The temperature dropped to zero. I'm not a big fan of the winter. I love to wear all the layers, but I just hate wind and snow. The forecast announced snow for tomorrow, luckily I don't have to leave the house (exams are not that bad at times). The temperature will only get lower during the week, but they promise a lot of sun, which is goood!
On the other side, this is the perfect occasion to wear my faux furs. Another confession coming up, I'm a faux fur addict. I don't know how this got out of hand, but I own more than 10 different coats (I'm afraid to count them). I'm afraid there's no such thing as a faux fur rehab. I guess the fact that they're so soft and fluffy has something to do with it. Or maybe because I'm Russian and it's in my blood?! Just kidding, we don't have cold winters in Uzbekistan.
I don't have to tell you that they take a lot of space in my closet, but there's a major spring cleaning coming up. A funny fact is that everyone wants to pet me when I'm wearing one of my faux furs. 

The one that I'm wearing here is my latest buy. A perfect cropped black jacket. Me and my boyfriend went to see a movie and eat some sushi. I guess sushi is becoming a new addiction of mine. So comfortable was the keyword here. I wore a cashmere sweater and my favorite pair of skinny jeans. Not to be too plain, I added some accessories. My Michael Kors watch, which I'm wearing daily and a H&M necklace. I had this necklace for a few years now and I still love it. It looks so fragile and not very H&M like. Every time I wear it, I get a lot of complements. 
I decided to get one of my favorite bags from under the dust. I also bought it a few years ago at Zara, wore it a lot, despite the fact that it's quiet heavy. The bag started to loose it's studs and I decided to put it away for a while. The last time I used it was in the summer of 2010. But the bag is back in the game!
Rediscovering old items in your wardrobe is like shopping, but without spending the money. Isn't it the best thing?! 
I'll stop rambling now, if you got to this point, you're my personal hero. Here come the pictures.

I'll be honest, it's not all faux fur over here. This 'tail' is made from real fur. Before I get stoned to death I want to tell you  a few things. It's not an actual tail, but made from leftovers of fur that probably would just be thrown away otherwise. I'm a major animal lover and I'm very aware of the problems of the fur industry. I don't approve of it either. This is an endless topic... My opinions are not that radical as they were in the past. I won't ever buy a  new fur coat, but I do have a vintage one. Not wearing vintage fur is just a waste of the life of an animal that died a long time ago. Off course if you're totally anti-fur, vintage fur is out of the picture too. But there're also such things as leather and meat. So if you wear leather shoes, it still is an animal... Same for your non-veggie dinner.
I just own three fur items, this tail, the vintage jacket and a cardigan I won in a giveaway, which apparently had real fur details. I won't deny it, the fur is beautiful, but the animals can't suffer like this for the sake of mass production.I just wish that the fur industry would get major restrictions. Especially the ones in China.
What are your thoughts on the topic?

Wearing: Vila faux fur jacket, 3 Suisses sweater, Zara roll neck sweater and bag, H&M necklace and jeans, Sascha boot, Essentiel tail, Michael Kors watch.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rich girl

So after posting my realistic wishlist a while ago, I decided to get crazy and dream a little. Ok, a lot. We all wonder how it is to be rich sometimes, well at least those who aren't rich already. It's not a secret that I'm kind of bad at saving money, but I'm working on it. It isn't my goal to be rich, but we all like to dream away. And this is how this wishlist came to life. I'll probably never be able to afford most things on it, unless some distant rich relative leaves me a big fat inheritance. But I suppose the chances of it are non-existing. Or I could win a lottery, off course you have to participate first, but still... Or just start saving up money.
In the mean time we just can have fun while making these endless wish-wishlists.

On top of it is a shearling biker jacket and the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. I'd also buy me a pair of Alexander Wang's Simona sandals, probably in different colors. Because I can! Also, being a huge jewelry addict, I'd add some sparkle to brighten up the day.
About the iPhone, I already decided that it'll be my next cell phone. But for now I'm still ok with my pink Nokia. Who knows, maybe somewhere this year or next year it'll be mine. Better save up :)

What's on your ultimate wishlist?! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So my exams result in some irregular posting. I'm glad to be distracted by the internet, but two last weeks I've been pretty exhausted and a little sick, again. So I needed to focus on studying and this was already hard enough. All of the people who have exams now, I feel you! I already did 4 out of 7 and they all went well. Let's hope the last ones will too!

But still, a girl needs to have some fun. So me and my best friend met up in Antwerp last week. We visited an exhibition of a famous Belgian photographer Marc Lagrange, ate some sushi and shopped a little. And boy, did we have fun. We usually do when we're together, but still, extra fun this time. We both really needed that, because it's not always all bright and shiny over here... But we always try to stay positive, don't we?!
On the shopping part... I'll show you my sale purchases at the end of the month. I'm not planning to buy anything, but I know myself...

Getting to the point here, at last :) 
I wanted to show you the pictures I snapped at Marc Lagrange's exhibition. 
If you're not familiar with his work, make sure to check it out. I'm a big fan!
The exhibition was held in a beautiful mansion in Antwerp and celebrated the 20 years of his work.
The exhibition got me dreaming of living in that house and being his model. Well, what can I say, a girl can dream! Marc Lagrange can always call me to pose for him. That'd be a dream come true for sure.

Time to snap out of it, back to reality zone. I'll just let the pictures talk for themselves. My snaps don't do the whole exhibition justice. I just wanted to channel the general mood.

The beautiful mosaic floor

'Owning' the place

I'm a true chandelier maniac, can't resist of snapping one when I see it.

Not sure if it was on purpose or by accident, but this smashed chandelier looked like a piece of art.

The Betty Page series!!!!!

My best friend, Irina, showing off :) I'm in love with her faux fur coat, it's vintage.

I wore a Zara sweater, H&M blouse, Vintage skirt and belt and Sascha boots.

As I told you, we went for sushi afterwards. I managed to snap just one picture, because I was as hungry as a horse. This is heaven in boat!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As you can see I do my level best to update frequently. Although I must be studying...
January is a month when I don't leave the house very often, due to exams.
It's not such a bad thing, because December is a very busy month. All of the college dead lines, combined with a high stress level and afterwards all the holiday parties, leave me exhausted at the end of December.

December not only holds Christmas and New Year, but for me it's also my birthday.
All this means getting and giving presents. I equally love both. Actually, I love giving more as it holds, carefully planning and searching for the right presents. The last month has been, what you can call, fruitful on that level.
So I decided to show you some of the presents I got from friends and from myself too :)

Some of the cards that I got for these holidays.

Dyrberg/Kern pendant I got for myself. This quote has to be my new motto: 
'To not dare is to have already lost'.


So, this is a present I bought for me, yes. I wanted this watch for about three years. I know it's very popular among bloggers, but I wasn't aware of that at that moment. Anyhow, it's a classic silver watch that suits almost anything. It's also the first thing from the recent wish list that I posted. Check! I wasn't used to wear a watch, but now I can't take it off!

On the right are the beautiful Swarovski earrings I got from my best friend, they sparkle like crazy! Bliiing!
On the bottom a bracelet from Butler & Wilson. My boyfriend made me choose my present for Christmas.
They have it in different sizes and colors, so the choice wasn't easy. The bracelet was also on my wish list. Ok, I cheated, because it was already ordered by the time I made it :p So, check again! Pretty sure I'll buy the gold one too!

My boyfriend also gave me a book about Radio Modern, a Belgian retro party organization. More about it soon. He also gave me a new pair of leather gloves, from COS and the Adele dvd, love*
Maybe you recognized that green box, it's from La Durée. My best friend bought it for me in Paris. 
The macarons didn't survive long enough to take pictures of, but the box will be a perfect for jewelry.
I can't tell you how happy I am with everything I got that last month.

And these are the cuff links I got for my boyfriend. They're also from Butler & Wilson. He didn't know that at the time I ordered the bracelet, but now we have matching accessories :)

And now back to saving money, I hope...

What did u get for the holidays? 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Today I want to finally show you the pictures from the 'Dream The World Awake' exhibition of Walter Van Beirendonck. Last September, I guess the time flies, I was invited to the opening night of the exhibition. 
At the start of the evening Walter gave a speech to the audience, which was huge.
I must say I was very impressed by the exhibition. I already saw many different art and fashion exhibitions but this one was different. I liked the special approach to it. Not only it displays some of Walter's best work, but also shows his personal side. The collection of different toys, art, cartoons gives a little insight into his personality.
My favorite part of the exhibition is the room where his office is rebuild. Walter has a large collection of toys and in that office you can see a part of it. The girl that helped to build the exhibition is a fellow blogger, Christin
Well, she told us it was a hell of a job to clean all that toys :)

Anyways, I can go on about it for a long time, but I have to study. If you live in Belgium or nearby and you love witty fashion, make sure to give that exhibition a look! It's still open till 19/02/2012 at MoMu Antwerp

My favorite piece of the exhibition

A younger Walter

A part of his rebuild office

This ducky is just the cutest thing! Oh, while we're are talking, I must confess I'm a toy addict.

Sorry for the blurriness, but it was quite dark in there. These are the toys I talked about.

Walter, sketching 

The famous suit he designer for Bono's world tour with U2

The crazy boots Bono that never wore, but still keeps them.

These shoes were quite the eye catcher of the evening. They give light, LIGHT I tell you!

Moomin, one of the cutest fiction creatures out there!

My silly face :)

Mr. Pearl corset!!!!!!!

And they had Walter cookies. Who would have thought that you could eat Walter?! Well, we did!

The outfit I wore back in September XD : Zara sweater and skirt, River Island flower shoes, Fred Perry bag, H&M ring, Forever 21 necklace.
Excuse me my tired face, I was sick the night before.

Pictures taken by Nathalie from the MerryMakers