Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vampire top and Sicky sunglasses

Recently I was approached by Sicky Eyewear for a collaboration. You never can have too many shades and actually I was in need of a more basic black pair, that goes with everything. It wasn't easy choosing as they have so many great sunglasses. I haven't heard about this US brand before, but the sunglasses are absolutely magnificent, designed in Malibu and handcrafted in Japan. After some deliberation I ended up choosing the black Gidget pair. There're just all I love, a bit of cat eye, a bit of vintage, but easy enough to blend into my versatile wardrobe. 

On other note, I'm sad Halloween is already over, I always feel like celebrating it for a month at least. I couldn't stop myself from buying this vampire H&M top. It's a good 'goth girl' gimmick for everyday life and has a very comfy fit. Forever I'll be a vampire lover ;)

Wearing: Coolcat coat, Action scarf, c/o Sicky sunglasses, H&M top, Urban Outfitters skirt, Asos chelsea boots, Michael Kors bag, Essentiel bag charm

Sick(y) shades

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Red leather jacket & polka dot sweater

While both my professional and social life seems to be booming and busy, there's not much time for shopping. I mostly forgot what shopping in store is, because the interwebs has it all at hand reach. I'm not planning to expand my wardrobe too much this season, but I always love to add pieces to it, that I know I will wear for a long time. When you near a certain age, you just know that you will always be returning to some items.
A red leather jacket was on my wishlist for many long years, but I couldn't find that perfect match, until a lunch break a weeks ago. The only shopping I manage to do in store, is usually in the stores near work and I just happened to bump into this jacket at Pull&Bear. The price was sharp and it's pleather, which is a plus. Too bad it's getting so cold out.
Another favorite of mine is anything with polka dot print. I found this fun sweater at a new Belgian online store  and absolutely adore it. Polka dots don't need much to go with, because it's such a statement print already.
My scarf was also a bargain from Action, I get so excited when I find something on a budget and star print is also a winner in my book. I don't really care about the name on the label, I believe you can dress interesting regardless of the budget you're on. The only thing worth considering is the ethical part of fashion., so I try to get good wear out of all pieces I wear or to donate to charity.

Wearing: Pull & Bear pleather jacket, c/o Zipperz sweater, H&M skirt, Action shawl, c/o Converse All stars.

Comletely mezmorized by my 'cat-eye' nails, can't wait to test other colors.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pairi Daiza trip

We finally managed to visit the largest animal parc in Belgium, Pairi Daiza. We made a two day trip out of it, as it's quiet a long drive back and forth, so we stayed overnight at The Dream Hotel in Mons where we enjoyed a five course dinner, cocktails and a spa on Saturday. The hotel is very nice and located in the heart of Mons, I would definitely recommend it and they offer a good deal that include the accommodation, spa and dinner on

 On Sunday we went to Pairi Daiza. I have never seen a real life panda before and not only they have them, but they also have a baby panda (aka cutest thing ever) that was born about two months ago. I didn't even mind queuing for an hour to see the little wonder. I didn't manage to get good pictures of them, because all of them were asleep and the We've been donating money to WWF panda conservation program for a few years now and I'm thrilled to hear that they are no longer an endangered species.

I notice that some people still have a lot of misconceptions about zoo's. Off course animals being held in captivity is not the ideal solution, but last decades a vast majority of zoo's played a major role in education, research and conservation of species. By having their own breeding programs, zoo's helped endangered species and helped to strive to replenish natural habitats.
Off course there still might be isolated cases of zoo's around the world, solemnly having an entertainment purpose, where animals are treated poorly, but most European ones should have very good living conditions.

Visiting zoo's is one of my favorite past time, so it was a great day and we managed to see a lot of species. Although I was a bit traumatized by accidentally walking into a cave full of giant bats, flying around, without knowing what it was :D Pairi Daiza is definitely worth the trip and I'm sure we will return some day.

Wearing: 3 Suisses Coat, Zara sweater, F21 jeans, Adidas sneakers, Tom Ford sunglasses, Louis Vuitton carre, DIY bag.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Patches and stickers

I'm enjoying this transition weather between Summer and full on Fall. Not ready yet to let go of bare legs and my tan, but I also own a ridiculous amount of coats, which need to be rotated in order not to make me look like a crazy coat lady. We are still lucky to have some warmer temperatures and I still get to wear my new favorite pair of jeans. I bought them back last Winter and had to be patient to finally be able to wear them. I wear them most during my days off work, as they are comfortable enough to chill in. They also go well with my DIY'd bag that I used a lot last few months. Even though some people might think it's overkill, I love the patches and stickers together. I was crazy about them as a kid and I still am. So before I go back to black I be enjoying these vibrant colors.

Wearing: True Spirit jacket, Pull&Bear tee and jeans, H&M slip-ons, Martha rings, DIY bag, Asos sunglasses

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pinstripe culottes jumpsuit

I said it on my instagram about a gazaillion times and I'll say it once again, I'm extremely enjoying these Indian Summer days during my one week holiday. I haven't booked any trips, but I'm spending it hanging out with family and friends, organizing my house and just relaxing. All of it was much needed, as I really don't have enough spare time during a work week to do any of it.

On Monday we met up with a few members of our girl squad (we call it 'Bitch Perfect') in Antwerp for some lunch at Pho61. It's a Vietnamese place with super delicious food and very affordable prices. We literally ate almost everything from each menu category and were left so satisfied. Seriously can't wait to return back.
After we hit Ici Parix XL to gaze at Urban Decay make-up and I ended up buying the Solstice Moondust Eyeshadow, because every time I saw Annebeth wearing it, I was too jealous. Will try to make a look with it soon for the blog.

I scored this culottes jumpsuit in Topshop last week during my 24 hour work trip. It's literally the bestest garment ever. It's so relaxed, but saucy at the same time. The side waist ties give you a hourglass silhouette and the pinstripe does wonders as well.

Wearing: Topshop jumpsuit and chocker, Mango backpack, Shoe Discount sandals.

From left to right: Naomi - TheCanonGirl, Annebeth - TheStylingDutchman, moi, Natasja - EyesPaintedBlack

We were mimicking the Spice Girls, because we were dressed kinda 90's that day. Not sure how the roles were divided, but from childhood on, I was and always will be Posh Spice.

Grote Markt 42

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Budapest - The newer side of the city

There's plenty to see and do on the Pest side of the city, whether it's sightseeing, dining, going out or relaxation.

Sightseeing wise you definitely need to see the St-Stephen's Basilica and it's square. Though not as spectacular inside as some of most famous European cathedrals, partly because you can only enter through the side hall, so you can't see the whole cathedral. I saw on the pictures that the altar part looks amazing, but was not able to see anything from the side of the basilica. There's an option to climb up the stairs to see the panorama around, but we chose not to. I'm still traumatized by the Sagrada Familia experience I had, because I'm scared of heights. It was also the hottest day of our stay, so I was not particularly up to the task.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

I finally came around to do a beauty post here. Make-up has been part of my daily routine since the age of 15 and I can't imagine my life without it. I think it'll be a nice addition to the blog and also fun to do. 
After finally getting a new remote I got busy, I must tell, getting myself in the center of the frame was already a challenge at the start. It also gradually got darker during my session, but in the end, I got there. My lips were burning a bit after rubbing off these liquids too, because they're meant to last, which is a good thing, right?

I scored these mattes during the 1+1 Kruidvat action we had in June and been using them ever since.
 All of them are really good quality for the price you pay, especially If you're used to the overall liquid mattes feeling. They're dry and sometimes hard to apply smoothly, but once you get there, it will last you for some hours. Mostly until the time you eat and then you have to reapply it, which you can do about two more times after initially applying it.

I have the Lip Lacquer in four colors, one of them is a nude, but I didn't have it with me when I took the pictures. 

I'll be reviewing the following shades:


I love this bright shade of fuchsia. You can keep the rest of your make-up basic, not to have a too overwhelming effect during the day, but amp it up during evening time.
  As you might see the texture is a bit thicker, but I reapplied two more times already, because I had it on during the day, while out. I think it still looks fine considering.


This is the shade that I use the least, I like the color, but somehow it's maybe a bit too much to wear during the day. The picture might not show it well, but it does have a fluorescent quality to it. Also of the four shades I own, this one is the hardest to apply. Somehow you keep seeing the color difference between the first line you set to the ones that follow. You kind of see it on the second picture.


I love dark lips and Kooky is definitely a nice addition to the collection. Against to what you might think, this is a shade that applies the best. The texture is a bit thinner, so you can build it up more easy, but as with all dark colors, every imperfection is very visible.

All in all, I'm happy with these matte velvets and would recommend them if you are not completely against the matte formula in general. Some of the problems are that they're a bit tricky to apply and build up and it takes some time to dry completely. They also stain my teeth (not a good look) when freshly applied, so I have to blot some tissue on the inside of my lips.
 As I said, they're definitely good quality for 4.99 euros you pay a piece, so it's worth trying them.