Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, this is good bye!

Nobody likes them, unless it's about saying good bye to the old year. Welcoming the new one is all about hopes, promises and good resolutions. I don't like to make many resolutions, only focusing on the important ones. Those that are realistic too :) I must say the resolutions of the past year have been successful. I even managed to hit my goal weight this year. Though the holiday foods sure we'll bring change to it! Or they already did.
The past year has been great on a personal level, sometimes challenging on the level of studies. But I just can't be happier to be alive, healthy and being surrounded by loved ones. These are the most important things!
I only wish that this will continue the next years to come!

Still, this being a fashion blog of some sort, I couldn't do without some material stuff, right?!
Here's my 'realistic' wishlist for next year. The stuff I can actually buy and plan on buying.
First of all a Michael Kors watch. I've been wanting one for three years already and hope it'll soon be mine.
Also a red biker jacket, still on the look out for it. For the rest some nice bling to add to my jewelry collection.

Wishlist 2012-2

This is it, see you next year, peoples! Thanx for reading my blog. stay tuned for 2012!



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Red Christmas

With a new year in sight, it was time for a slight change.
My classes are done for this year and I pretend to have free time. So I decided to clean up my blog a bit.
To start with a fresh page in 2012. No major changes, as you can see, just a little fresh-up.
Hope you all like it or otherwise... I, for sure, have to adapt to it. Choosing a font must be the hardest thing, still not sure which one to keep. U're welcome to share your ideas on the lay out matter :)

As for the new year. I already know that it'll be a hard year. With graduation in sight, I must make an effort to finish my college year well. Many plans are on the 'to do' list. Exams, internship, thesis, driving license, hitting the job market, ... too much to name. Making time for my blog in the meantime... This year will sure be a challenge, but I don't say no to challenges. So wish me good luck. Off course there're also pleasant things to look forward to. The first one is celebrating the coming year with dear friends!
And the spring will bring a big change to my life, I can't wait to tell you more about it.

For now, as promised, pictures of my Christmas outfit. I wanted to wear color, and as we know, red is very Christmassy. It wouldn't be me, if I hadn't put a twist or a theme behind it. This time I went for a Chinese inspired look. The red dress with the flowers set the tone and my Asian heritage completed the look.

Wearing: 3Suisses dress, H&M shoes, vintage belt and DIY earrings

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So today is my birthday, I'm turning 24.
Time flies fast and before you know it, adult life is here. With it come responsibilities and a serious lack of time. 
I really hope I'll be able to post back on a regular basis. I really miss my blog and keeping up to date with all my readers. 
Today I also had my very last real class ever, or at least I hope so. You can't even believe how happy I am. In January I'll start with finals and afterwards an internship. 
This period has always been kind of bad to have a birthday, the time of the exams and dead lines. But I can't complain. I don't really celebrate my birthday, only with close friends, my mom and lover. I just try to make time to see them and catch up. With all the other holidays around the corner, they'll be plenty of time to party.

Every year I'll end up being spoiled by my loved once. No, I don't get a car, like in those crazy American programs, but still there's plenty of attention. My best friend even made me sushi today. I think I don't have to tell you how people at the college cafeteria are looking at us when we enjoy our sushi during a break.
I'll try to do a post with the presents after the holiday season is over.

Now something about the outfit. I combined all my favorite items that I have been wearing lately. This Daydream Nation cardigan is perfect to warm me up during the cold days and is quiet an eye catcher. A pleated midi skirt has been on my wish list for a long time and a few months ago I got lucky at T2 vintage store. I also have been searching for the famous Moschino letter belt for a long time and finally found one for a great price online. So everything thrown together makes this:

Wearing: Daydream Nation cardigan, T2 skirt, Moschino belt, H&M wedges

Friday, November 11, 2011

Riot Girl

Just every time when I think that the good weather must be over, we get another great weekend. Although it's much colder already, the sun still pays us a warm visit. Still, fall and winter time means getting ill a lot for me. It has always been that way and it's not different this year. Due to a lot of pressure at college my migraine has escalated to ugly proportions. But I'm not going to let this post turn into a complaint.

Today is friday 11th, people all over the world are making wishes, hoping they'll come true. Our biggest wish just came true, but we just need it to be confirmed. In the mean time we keep on dreaming and planning our near future. And soon there'll be some big changes in our lives. Speaking about change, it was time for a new lay out. I planned to use the 'Classic' view, but the comment section refused to work. So I'll be using this one, probably temporarily. I like the simple lay out, after all those time, it was time for a change.
Oh, it's also the start of a long weekend for me. I won't be going to college till wednesday! Yaaay! That explains the happy pictures. Good weather + vacation + a preppy outfit = one happy girl

 This outfit was, yet again, inspired by a preppy school style. I took my Union Jack Doc's for a spin. I bought them a while ago from a girl for a ridiculous price. They are in a mint condition. I must say, I'm very happy with how this outfit has turned out. It's full of different details, the pleats, polka dots, the head band and the bow tie, but I think it makes a nice union. Girls just wanna have fun, that's what this is about!

Channeling my inner Michael Jackson

Wearing: H&M sweater, Doc. Martens boots, Zara skirt, Vintage shirt and bow tie.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To the fall

Yes, you're not mistaken, it is I, the worlds biggest blog neglecter!
I hope you missed me, because I certainly missed blogging. 
The're many reasons why I've been of the radar. I'm in my last year of college, I picked up a new hobby (burlesque dancing) and besides it all I try to maintain a personal life. It all translates to a major lack of time, but I refuse to give up any of it. To be honest, the college part is suffering the most, but I'm used to play with fire in that department. 
Though through all the ups and the lows I'm still a very happy girl. My lover and my friends couldn't be more supportive and that's what counts. Also, the weather has been treating us extremely good. You can find the most beautiful spectrum of colors outside and the temperature is still warm. The colors are mesmerizing, it feels like a fall fairy tale.
With having a long weekend me and my bf made some trips and a little shopping at Brussels and Antwerp. 
We saw our friends and had a lovely time together. It's times like these that I try to remember every day.

So, here are some pictures. I hope to keep my blog updated as much as possible.

Wearing: H&M bag, scarf and shirt, Forever 21 jeans, Zara blazer, vintage brooch and boots.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh my Goth!

The fall is here and black is back from never going away. Much is change, but many things are still the same. Everyone needs some security to hold on to.
With this post I wanted to talk about the Goth issue. Many of you have probably noticed that the Goth image is more popular than ever right now. Fragile girls and boys wearing black torn clothes, adorned with crusifixes are a popular fenomenon. Today they're called nu-goth. Ok, so people love labels, and just plain 'Goth' not being enough, they decided to freshen it up. As fresh and 'new' as it may be, it get's a bit confusing for people who actually know something about the subculture. Don't get me wrong, I'm only happy to see these creatures on my computer screen, name or no name. I, myself, was never a fan of labels and I  refuse to categorize myself under any of them. If you really want to push me in box, you can call me alternative, I will not go further. I like too many different styles of music and dressing to fit into any category. I just have the freedom to be myself, every day, without feeling limited. And hope you do the same.

I do, definitely have a dark side, as I was always a lover of the macabre. So, this is another reflection of it.
Imagine, the woods, a hill with a small chapel on top, before it Jesus on the cross. Sounds like a beginning of a horror movie. But it isn't. The place looks just like I described it, and we pass it almost every weekend on our way home. It's mesmerizing, calm and peaceful. I wanted to shoot there for a long time and finally the moment has come. The outfit was just right. A little nostalgic, a little dark. 
I wanted to take my new dress from Forever 21 out. I looked for a perfect polka dot dress for ages. Combined with a little retro hairdo, and round sunglasses added a little edge to it, but still stayed romantic.

I'm happy with how the pictures turned out. The moment was just right, it was not too sunny or clouded, the forest was empty and still green. It was so calm and quiet. For a moment I just felt free of the daily world, routine and business of life. A place like this is kind of a sacred ground for me. It may be a surprise, but I'm religious. Only I don't discuss this part of my life, as it is considered private to me. 

Some day, I'll return there, for some new pictures, or just to take a walk.

I wore: Forever 21dress, Primark tights, H&M bag, Vintage sunglasses, Vecona brooch. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Opening Forever 21

So, here're the pictures of the brand new Forever 21 store that recently opened in Antwerp.
Me and many other fellow bloggers got the chance to check out the store before it opened to large public.
Everyone was very excited and overwhelmed by the size of the store. 5000², three levels, of shopping heaven. 
We also received a voucher of 50 euro's, so the hunt was on. The funny thing is that I lost some people out of sight ,during my two hour shopping spree, and  never saw them back. That must give you an indication of how large the store really is.
I must say I say I really liked what I saw, not only is the interior very impressive, but also many of the items.
There's something for everyone, you just drown in clothes, shoes and accessories. Not always easy to take your pick with so much goods luring at you! One of the biggest pluses of the store are the super large fitting rooms with a large mirror and a decent door. I just hate curtains!!
I liked the store way better than the one in Brussels, a wider range of styles and lack of hundreds of people was probably the reason. 

I'll be going back for sure. There are plenty of colored jeans and necklaces waiting to find a home.

So, the official pictures first. Due to an outrage need to shop and lack of free hands I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures.

My favorite room. Look at that floor and all those tables!

Annebeth is taking a picture of me while our picture is being taking. Vicious circle, I tell you!

Nathalie and me

Immi looking happy, he can pull a smile like no one else!

No comment.

Blog bar!!!

My pictures from here on. U are likely to see a slight difference.

That's what I call 'hooker panties' Don't get me wrong, I love them! Look at the shine!

Eternal chandelier love!

Glitter floor!

Must have this, a lot of gold, me wants, ... Are just some of the random things that pop-up when I see these lamps.

Hell yeah!

Showing our goods at the blog bar.

Yes, I have a giant strawberry in my mouth!

And ending with what I wore that day. I decided to pay a homage to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel. 
Annebeth gets extra points for recognizing the look and taking my pictures ^^

I wore Comme des Garçons for H&M blouse, H&M jeans, Asos flats, Danity jacket and Monet & Co brooch.