Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Parallel reality

Well, I'm back from my break. Yet again, it was unintentional. But I after working this weekend I was sick again, so stuck with no pictures whatsoever. Pretty much living between my bed and desk all these days.
To not totally neglect my blog, I decided to do a little post about my favorite waste of time. Yes, really a waste. Cause instead of drawing or studying for a driving license, I watch series.

Hello, my name is Sabina and I'm a series addict. I love them all, the cheesy teenage stuff, the drama's, the horror stories, the funny ones, ... If I could hunt, series took away a serious amount of my life, but still, it's better than drugs, right?!  So, here're a few of my recent favorites.

Don't Trust the B---- In Apartment 23

Must be a series with the longest name EVER. It centers around three main characters in NY, Chloe, June & James (as in Van Der Beek as in Dawson's Creek Beek :D ). Besides that the show has absurd humor (which is the best), great style and Krysten Ritter it made me appreciate James. Dawson's Creek was my show, growing up I watched every day after school. I never liked Dawson much, though. He was a nag and that's how I thought over James too, but apparently he's quite funny. Luckily he doesn't look like an awkward teenager anymore, but turned into a quite charismatic man. He plays himself on the show and that gives it a sense of reality. Lot's of Creek jokes included. James is not afraid to laugh with himself. I totally recommend this show!

And just look at Krysten Ritter, I'd totally marry her.

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is equally funny. The two main characters are Max and Caroline, who are broke, work in a diner and dream of an own cupcake business. 2BG must be one of a few shows were every character main or secondary is equally funny. I especially love the character of Sophie, their Polish sassy neighbor.

And Kat Dennings, I'd totally marry her too. She's got it going on in all the right places! I have the same leotard btw, it's from Agent Provocateur ^^


And last, but not least, Dexter. As I told you, me and my boyfriend are totally hooked on this show. We were pretty late and only started watching it a month or so ago. We're now watching the 4th season. For those who don't know it, Dexter is an annalist of blood spatter for Miami PD, a husband, a father and a serial killer in his free time. But not just some psycho serial killer, he only kills those who deserve it. Other killers for example. The idea is brilliant! The show is based upon a series of books, which I'm also reading. Gotta be dedicated! I wouldn't mind such a 'Dexter' in every city. And no, I don't want to marry him. It's clear, I only marry girls or my bf.

So what are your favorite series?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Casual wear

Fall season to me usually means getting sick. I didn't have to wait a long time, it's on again.
Well, at least this time I know where it came from. From my boyfriend. You need to make sacrifices for love and I sacrificed my health, for a while, to be with him. No regrets. I hope it won't drag on as long as it does with him, though. I'm just in my second day and it's his second week of being sick already. Poor thing.
So far, I'm just a bit fuzzy and have a sore throat, so I'll live. 
Being sick in high school or college meant that I could stay at home and chill out, well, now I'm unemployed, I can stay at home anyhow. So being sick is only annoying now.

These pictures are from last weekend, back when I was still alright. I couldn't wait to take my new Mango jacket for a spin! I've been looking at it for about two months, wanted to buy it, but having no money. Couldn't wait any longer, so I bought it last week. Quite in love with it. It was only 39.99 Euro and it's a wool blend, so quite a bargain. I already have a dozen of outfit ideas in my head with it. It just goes with everything, well, except for swimwear maybe, but you never know, huh?!
All of the other garments I'm wearing are pretty old. I practically live in this grey cashmere sweater the whole year. Luckily I have to blog, otherwise I wouldn't take it off. It's so warm and soft! I have it for almost a year and it still looks almost as new. I can't imagine an H&M sweater still looking as good after such frequent use.
I can easily say that it's the most worn item in my wardrobe.

I also finally took this sequined cardigan out of the closet. I have it for at least three years already and it's the first time I'm wearing it. Actually, I do that quite often actually. It's not that those clothes are impulse purchases. It's kind of my strategy, waiting for the right occasion or outfit. As I mostly shop at high street stores, I like wearing something no one can buy anymore at that moment.

I just stop rambling and cut to the chase. It was getting dark, so some of the pictures are a bit blurry, but I like it! And at least fall has some amazing colors and I'm 50 shades of grey again.

Wearing: Mango jacket, Zara cardigan, 3 Suisses sweater, Cool Cat jeans, Sacha boots, Mongolian fur stola, Primark beanie, necklace, Butler & Wilson skull bracelet,   Swarovski c/o wrap bracelet, Michael Kors watch, Storm ring.

Love how the sequins give this casual outfit an extra flair!

Besides the cashmere sweater, I also live in a beanie during the cold days.

After years of lusting after a name tag necklace, it's finally mine. I decided to get my alias or blog name. After years of using it, it started to mean a lot to me. That font is practically the same as my banner font, so coool! The necklace is extra special as it was a present from my boy. The ring and skull bracelet were also presents from him, I do get spoiled :p
Still on my wishlist is a gold one with my actual name. Perfect for summer!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Out of the blue

Hi, peoples! Nothing major here. Just enjoying my weekend off. Practically the whole day in bed with my boyfriend. Sorry, too much details :p We watched Dexter and Madagascar 3(Afro circus)! What were you thinking, pervs?! I had a busy week, I had to work and was all over Flanders in my free time, so I enjoy my time off for now. 

These pictures were taken during the week. I, once again, forgot my camera at my boyfriends, so bestie snapped these pictures with a simple, little old school digital camera. I had to work some digital magic, but I think they turned out OK. Obviously, I did wear a coat outside, but was too lazy to shoot it.

Wearing: Zara sweater and skirt, H&M necklace and ring, Swatch watch, Sacha boots, Primark earrings.

This is one of a few pictures of me smiling, which I don't hate.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gold Digger

Wrong is the new 'right'. The more gold, the better. I never shied away from a bit of opulence. I love sequins and I learned to love gold. It's better to be overdressed, than undressed, in my eyes. I like it bold and I am not afraid to show it. I like girls like Rihanna, Xtina and MIA, who are not afraid to speak their minds and not scared of their sexuality. People will always gossip, that's in their ugly nature. I learned to not care, or not a lot at least. A person with a dirty tong only proves to be the fool!

So, a bit more about the look. Recently I received a mail from for a collaboration. I could chose an item from the site to style it in my personal way. I do love vintage, so I was pretty excited. In the end my eye fell on this 80's bomberjack. I wanted one for a while, but haven't found one that was special enough. Well, this one is pretty special, I tell ya! I fell in love with it's key print. Keys are the shit!
I removed the shoulder pads first, though. They did love their shoulder pads back in the 80's :)
It was a match made in heaven between the bomberjack and my sequined skirt, which is actually a top. That's how an outfit fell in it's place. Totally not weird that I was wearing it on a Sunday morning, just because. Actually it's a perfect party outfit, just need a party to go to first. 

So if you love vintage treasures, check out for some sweet deals. I especially love their handbag selection. You never know what treasure you'll find next!

Beware, duck face alert!

Wearing: Vintage bomberjack via, H&M bra, skirt/top & shoes, Anna Dello Russo for H&M sunnies, Topshop bracelet, American Apparel hoop earrings.

I really don't know what I was mimicking here.

Behold, THE KEYS!

Ok, bye!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As I told you, budget shopping is high on my list these days. Luckily there're a lot of deals and sites that offer discounts. One among them is the Belgian website Solden The site offers exclusive deals and discounts to various online shops. Want to score some shoes on Spartoo or shop at Asos or Zalando
Want to get away on a little vacay?! also offers discounts with different travel agencies.

A deal that I'm going to use myself is a 10 euro discount at Topvintage. I've been lusting after several retro dresses, so the deal comes in quite handy! 
A retro look for the holidays is my favorite. So a little inspiration to set the mood!

Earrings: Asos
Lipstick: NARS via Asos

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sporty Spice

Would somebody told me that I'd be wearing something even remotely sporty a year ago, I would've laughed and then laughed some more. But trends influence is nothing to laugh about. Even the toughest fall for them, not speaking of fashion victims. I can easily admit that I'm among the most un-sporty people on this planet. But nothing you can't fake with fashion, right?! 

I met up with bestie for a stroll around Ghent stores and a bite at Café René. Wearing my new sweater and straw cap from last post. So, I don't look like I'm going or coming from the gym, but sporty hints are there (cap, bag, sneakers) and a leather jacket to toughen up the look.

Wearing: Asos straw cap, Karen Millen jacket, H&M sweater, skirt & earrings, Ebay sneakers, Zara bag, Veritas necklace, Essentiel bow key chain.

My green ombre is fading away slowly, need to put some more color on it!

If you are ever in the centrum of Ghent, check out Café René at Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat 2. The food is delicious and quite affordable. Make sure to order homemade ice tea!

I had a fish burger which is so large, I always end up eating only 2/3 of it. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New in + Fall Wishlist

Since I still don't have a real job, I try to minimize my shopping. Going cold turkey would be hard.
So I try to watch out for promotions and sales on webshops and in stores. Off course I only buy stuff I really want/need, not some impulse buys. This is what I recently acquired.

As I'm crazy about knits I needed that sweater to brighten up my grey/black fall wardrobe. It's pretty warm and cozy, but still looks cool. I also had my eyes on this mint colored collar for some time and since it was on sale I just went for it.

My previous ASOS purchase was back in May. Could it be for me, I'd shop there every week! Recently they had an extra 10% off their whole range. Perfect timing to score some sale items with extra discount!
So I ordered this cute straw cap, I had my eyes on for while and this River Island midi dress in tiger print.
Now I only need an occasion to wear the dress.

Budget shopping:

H&M sweater € 14.95 
Mint collar  10 
Asos straw cap  € 7.76
River Island dress € 12.70
€ 2.50 on Asos purchase

Total: € 42.91

There're a few (I'm lying, a lot) of items on my wishlist so I made an inspiration board.

I'm mostly looking for an oversized boyfriend coat in grey. This one is from River Island and I absolutely love it, but it's way out of my price range at £95. A striped shirt is the perfect fall basic in my eyes, never can have too much of stripes! Also exploring pleather pants options. Badass and pretty sweaty, I imagine.
On my wishlist since start of high school (really!) are classic low Converse. As it's already too cold to wear them, I'll postpone buying them for a bit longer. 
I've been living in a beanie during the winter for a few years now. On my wishlist is a cat beanie or a cat hat. I dare you to repeat 'cat hat' as many times as you can. FUN right?!
And last but not least, this key bracelet from Fossil. I saw it in store yesterday and fell head over heels in love with it. They also have it in gold, want both, actually! It's quite pricey though :( About £60. This one is going right on my Christmas list.
The outfit combined with these items would be just perfect for a casual day!

What's on your wishlist?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beauty Batch

Though I'm far from a beauty expert or beauty blogger (which must be the same) beauty products have been incorporated in my life early on. I probably used more make-up as a teenager, than I do now. I also starting dyeing my hair at the age of 14. My mom is a former hairdresser, so we always liked to experiment.
Anyhow, I'm quite familiar with beauty products and very fond of beauty rituals, which too, I inherited from my momma. 

Lately I've had some new products, so I decided to share my experience. First up is my new perfume.
I needed something for fall and winter. My Sweet Delicious from DKNY, was, well, a bit too sweet for F/W. After considering different options, which include budget, I decided to buy my summer fragrance a sister. So I got the classic Be Delicious, aka the green apple. I'm very fond of the fragrance, it's perfect for Fall and my current mood. Also as it's a eau de parfum, the smell stays strong for the rest of the day. I prefer  perfume to eau de toillete. 
Now when I close my eyes and inhale the smell, I imagine myself in the centre of the Big Apple.

I also was in need of a new foundation. After using a cheap one (doesn't mean bad) from Hema, I wanted to use a BB Cream instead. My skin was always rather dry, and that Hema foundation only made it more dry through the years. So a BB cream would be the perfect option for me. My skin doesn't need a lot of cover up, just a thin layer of foundation. Not a lot of option were available this summer, so I picked up the one from Garnier for normal skin. I was pleased with it and thought I found a keeper. But none was true. Pretty soon the skin around my eyes, started to turn red and itch. I was never allergic to anything, so I didn't pay a lot of attention to it. I also haven't thought my new foundation would be the cause. Months and a few outbreaks later I finally realized that this Garnier BB Cream was to blame. The rash was so bad, it looked like I had two fading black eyes, you know, when they turn that purply red. 
So, I no longer use it. I have no idea what exactly I was allergic to, but bad experiences have to be shared too. Using and changing a lot of different beauty products is not really healthy too. Don't know how beauty bloggers do it for years...

I was forced to choose another BB Cream and to play it safe, I bought one from a drugstore. La Roche-Posay specializes in products for sensitive skin, which, apparently, I have. I recently used several different products from their range and I must admit, I'm a fan. The BB Cream has a very light and smooth texture and it smells so good! Most important of all, I'm not allergic to it!

Another product I've been using is Idelia Pro from Vichy. After this summer I was left with some sun spots, I always had some, but these time there were a bit too much, I needed to get rid of them. I've been using Idelia Pro for a month now and the results are visible. The spots are barely visible now. Idelia Pro is also available in Belgian drugstores.

My last beauty purchase was an impulse one. Yesterday, while walking through the humble shopping street of my home town, I saw this box on display. I couldn't resist this gorgeous pin-up. I'm a real sucker for all kind of nice packages and boxes. I just reassured myself that I could use this box to store some jewelry.
 The box contains lip products from Coca Cola, a chapstick, a lip gloss and a lip balm. A lot of lip stuff, huh?! The smell is just exactly like Coke flavored candy. Needless to say that I 've used the chapstick a lot of times in those two days. Just want to eat it :D
The range contains another two designs in pink shades. Probably going to buy them too. You can never have too much lip products and boxes and jewelry and clothes and shoes, right?!

Thank you, if you read throgh this very long (endless) beauty post :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Black Lace

I don't want to start nagging about the weather again, as most of us bloggers do these time of the year. But this bitch has really been a problem lately. Whenever I decide to take pictures, it starts raining and when I'm not able to, the sun is shining. Sunshine, rain, sunshine is a common combination in Belgium. The weather can change several times at one day. One of the perks of living near a sea, I guess. I don't even mention that it's already dark at 6pm :(

I've also been busy with non-blogging related stuff, you may call it reality. Gladly my reality can be quite pleasing sometimes and it involves  making costumes, rehearsing and even performing. Besides that me and the boyfriend are still working on our house. Currently focusing on hanging wallpaper (is it even the right term?) in the living room. It's turning out quite nice and I can't wait for the final result!

Luckily, I was able to snap at least one set of outfit pictures this weekend. My mood was still quite post-Halloweeny. I wanted to watch a scary movie with my boyfriend, but we ended up watching Dexter, again. Which is quite satisfying, because we're kind of addicted to it. I even picked up the first book. It was a book turned into a serie, which I didn't know at the beginning. The book is very similar, almost identical, to the series at this point. We're in the middle of the third season right now.

Anyhow, this is what I wore. Channeling my inner witch.

Finally got my hands on a full midi skirt! Hail T2 vintage! I like how it has a slight leather effect. 
My mongolian fur stola has been a companion for many years already. I rarely do without during the cold days. It's so warm!

Wearing: Top and skirt vintage, H&M cardigan, Sacha boots, Mongolian fur stola, DIY necklace, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses, All Saints ring, Pieces skull earrings, Michael Kors watch.

This top has been in my posession for over 12 years. It was one of the few things we brough with us while moving to Belgium. Not only a beautiful garment, but full of emotional value too. Lace is one of my big addiction. It's a very sensual material!