Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blue jeans, white shirt.

Though I love over the top gear, the minimal trend hasn't passed by unnoticed and I catch myself yearning that simplicity in the way I dress. Jeans and white shirt is a combo you can't go wrong with. Even Lana Del Rey does a tribute to it in the first sentence of 'Blue Jeans'. Btw, I also love that Lana look for Summer and she loves All Stars and so do I. That's how you basically see that life is major circle and basically you and Lana would totally be besties IRL. 
Did you guys listen to her new record 'Ultraviolence'? I love it, though it's pretty melancholic. I'm definitely waiting for that new European tour.

Back to the outfit. After having white All Stars Converses on my wishlist for years, and thanks to Cloggs they're finally mine. Such a great staple sneaker, you can't really go wrong with them and they'll never get out of style. Soon all my shoes will be needing a separate room, luckily my clothing is spread over two locations.
So, super happy with my new white All Stars and hoping for a long Summer to get to wear them enough.
Check the selection of Converse sneakers on Cloggs webshop.

Leaving you with the outfit, cause need to get sleeping here. I'm quite excited as from Friday till Sunday I'll be at my favorite Belgian Metal (yes, I listen to Lana and Metal) festival, Graspop. Rocking out, but NOT in my new white All Stars.

Wearing: H&M shirt and jeans, c/o All Stars sneakers, Zara sunglasses, Fashionology necklace, Michael Kors watch.

My Fashionology collection keeps on growing, loving my new zodiac necklace!

Keep an eye on the blog, there's a giveaway coming up soon!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sunday dresscode - Ripped Jeans

The weeks have been flying lately, but here I am again. As you might know, we had some super strange weather and hail storms this week. Our plexi roof window and shed roof got bashed in, so I was a bit preoccupied. All the cars in the neighborhood also suffered. It was in the middle of the night, so extra scary too. The mayhem lasted about 15 minutes, I think, but the damage to our city was pretty big.

Today was the first normal day, weather wise, not too hot. After five days in rather formal wear, I'm super lazy and crave my ripped jeans during the weekend or days off. I'm very much in love with this pair from Forever 21 and have been wearing them quite a lot. I saw them about one month ago, but the amount of people waiting in line at the register was HUGE and I didn't have time to wait. So few weeks later I returned for them, only to find a very last pair, luckily in my size! It's the most perfect pair of Summer jeans in my eyes.

So the weekend dress code has so far been: 'Throw something on and go'. Relaxed clothing is the key to Summer dressing for me. I also got three different pairs of espadrilles. Who needs Chanel when you have a pair for 5.50 euros at Inno?!

Wearing: Zara shirt, Forever21 jeans, Inno espadrilles, Michael Kors watch, H&M ring, c/o Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Banging new nails, the white one is glowing in the dark btw.

This is really what I do best in my private life, making faces all the time. My boyfriend is used to nothing else, really!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New favorite: Printed jumpsuit

Saturday me and the boyfriend went for a blitz shopping spree to Antwerp. I kind of let go and forgot about my rational shopping strategy for a while and just bought a few things I liked. When my boyfriend asked me what I actually needed, my answer was: 'Nothing'. Let me be honest, I really could go a few years without renewing my wardrobe and emptying my banc account, but where's the fun in that?!
The only thing I bought and actually needed was a sports bra.

Among all the rest was this printed jumpsuit from Forever21. Lately, I learned to love that store, I hope it won't be closing this year, as the rumors are saying. It didn't look like anything on the hanger, but luckily it was on one of the mannequins and that's how I spotted it. Everybody knows you get lost at times in that sea of garments... As I put the jumpsuit on, I immediately fell in love with it, really could go the whole Summer wearing it. I decided to wear it next Sunday, we went to Retrorama in Brussels Expo. I think the jumpsuit would look great with some sandals, but I didn't have any on me, so I went with All Stars. Maybe not the best option, but still looks okay to me. 

I wish I could be transported to Coachella in this jumpsuit!

Wearing: Forever 21 jumpsuit, All Stars sneakers, Karl Lagerfeld bag, Dyrberg/Kern earrings, Michael Kors watch, AdR for H&M sunglasses.