Monday, May 27, 2013

A Wedding Weekend

This weekend was all in the sign of a wedding, not mine off course. The Saturday was the town hall ceremony and a reception. The sun was shining and the temperatures were pretty comfortable. 
The wedding was of two adults, so I decided to go for an elegant look. I never miss an opportunity to dress up and a wedding is like a big cherry on top of a cake. I must admit, I'm a sucker for weddings. Many of the people don't believe in marriage on paper, but I think that's a beautiful gesture towards your loved one. 
I guess deep inside, I'm a hopeless romantic.

Wearing: Zara dress & heels, Vintage clutch, River Island earrings, No brand jacket.

Practicing for our big day ;) - picture by Ivo Chauveau

Saturday, May 25, 2013

DIY Flower Headband

I wanted to make a new flower headband in some pastel colors and so I did.
This is probably the easiest DIY EVER and even if you have two left hands you can pull it off easily.
I used fake fabric decoration flowers the first time I made a headband and I needed to cut of the peduncle and use wire to secure it to the headband and it took me quite some time to finish.

This time I got lucky and bumped into some pretty nice foam flowers in pastel pink and lilac, which had wire already adjusted to them. So I just had to wind it around the headband. I was done is less than 15 minutes and the whole thing cost me about 5 euros. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Step I
You'll be needing a headband, preferably one that matches your hair color, and some foam flowers. You can usually find such flowers in craft or decoration stores .

Step II
Wind the wire of the flowers one by one around the headband. I chose to use two colors. You can use just one or many different colors, duh!

Step III
Tadaaa, you're done and you can start looking like a flower godess in less than 15 minutes.
I'm planning to wear mine to the Lana Del Rey concert I'll be going to next Friday. Can't even start telling how stoked I am.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shorts & self-acceptance

Are these even pants at all?! 
I'm sure that's exactly what a lot of people think when I wear these shorts. But one fine quality of mine, I rarely care of what strangers think of me and I'm rather amused to provoke the narrow minded. The other fine quality, I'm all about fine qualities only (LOL),  is self-acceptance. I hope you read sarcasm and I don't have to tell you that I think I'm the greatest thing on earth, panda's and kittens are. But to be serious for a moment, with the media telling girls they're not skinny enough or have to look like a Victoria's Angel sans wings about every minute every day... Self-acceptance has become a real issue, everybody knows it. 
Just one of zillion examples, vanity sizing in stores. They push the measurements into smaller sizes so women can feel better about themselves. My real hip measurements would easily fit into the real size 42, while I usually buy a 38 in stores. Identity of women became all about the numbers, our weight, size, age,...

It's really time to claim it back, starting with turning that switch that makes you care what other people think of YOUR body and YOUR personality. It's about doing what you want. Want to work out? Fine. Want to eat carbs? Fine too. I really don't care, because it's your body and everybody should decide for themselves. 

I eat whatever the hell I want to, whenever I want to, I rarely really work out, but I don't feel guilty about any of it. I started swimming this year, but with starting to work, I can't go as frequently as I want to. At least I don't have to sit behind a desk the whole day at work. The two things that I do is stretch a lot and try not to eat a whole meal in the evening. Just because it usually makes me sick, because I'm not used to it. Off course there're exceptions, when I come home from work really hungry or when we go to eat out. I usually eat some fruit and a yogurt and have my bigger meal during the day. 
It's just all about what makes you feel good, remember that! 

I didn't plan for a rant here, but it was important. It can't always be about shitty weather.

Wearing: Mango coat, Zara sweater, Customized Levi's shorts via The Public Image, Sacha boots, Fashionology necklace, Michael Kors watch.

Some self-mockery never hurt anyone, meme time again!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

After the rain comes the sun.

Here I'm again. It was a busy week + very shitty weather so I couldn't blog. I'm a kind of blogger who doesn't keep a zillion posts in the pipeline, so sometimes I end up without. I wasn't really inspired, putting on my Autumn gear on again too. It was nothing but sweaters, sneakers & rain this week. The weather forecast promised the same thing today, but when I woke up, the sun was shining and I even laid in the garden in my BIKINI!!!! 

Another problem came up, I didn't plan a warm weather outfit, as I came to my bf after work, wearing a wool coat and biker boots. Gotta 'love' Belgium and it's unpredictable weather. Luckily I had this dress lying around in the closet and since I haven't took outfit pictures of it yet, it was perfect for this warm day.
Then came the long process of taking those pictures. I'm still figuring out the setting of the 50mm lens. What should work, not always does. The manual focus is a bit of a bitch, so we ended up with a lot of pictures where I was just blurry and the background was sharp. It would've been easier if I just couldn't turn that thing at all. I'm happy with how the better pictures turned out, though. Loving the saturation overdose! But with a bit of weather luck we get to practice again tomorrow.

I had a lovely sunny Sunday and hope you did too. Off now to watch Six Feet Under and the new series about Hannibal Lecter.

Wearing: Primark dress and heels, BCBG Max Azria clutch, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses.

Monday, May 13, 2013

New 50mm lens & a lot of happy me

Last Friday I finally ordered a 50mm lens aka 'the blogger lens'. It arrived this morning and I had that Christmas feeling while unwrapping it. It was raining the whole time, but I was set onto taking pictures, so I got ready and waited until it stopped. And after a heavy downpour came the sun. We snapped for about five minutes, until the clouds came out again. I didn't even had time to change the camera settings, but I'm already quite happy with how the pictures turned out. I can't wait to explore all it's possibilities. 

I've been wearing these jeans through the week in different combinations. They're a perfect staple piece in my wardrobe. Need to get a darker pair too.

Wearing: Zara sweater, shoes & pants, True spirit jacket, H&M ring & necklace, Michael Kors watch.

Pretty datn sharp for a 50mm, no? I likes it, need to figure out the right settings for some blurry backdrops too. 

I gave into the tiger trend, I liked how subtle it was. Grey forever!

I love this glitter turquoise eyeliner, it would be priceless if it wouldn't burn my eyes. Suffering for the sake of beauty.

Afterwards I went on snapping everything in the house including some stalking of cat and dog.

The pets are like: 'There she's again'.

My precious!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


You know that feeling when shopping is actually worse than no shopping whatsoever? I sure do. Currently I'm craving so much stuff, that I don't know what to choose. I tried to combine the items that I'm pretty sure I'll buy in the coming months. Because I need to, I must, yeah, I'm just a little crazy. Girl gone wild. Just take that money away from me already!

So, about the items above. How perfect is that dress?! It's like the perfect base for my whole wardrobe. You can never have too many biker boots, NEVER! Same goes for crucifixes. Oh, and I'm really OBSESSED with this bag. I'm in need of a larger bag, but I want something special, not what is what currently available is stores. Time to save up a bit.

Dress: Asos/ Biker boots: River Island/ Crucifix: Fashionology/ Bag: Antik Batik

Something I've been wanting for a long time, but never been able to find in stores, a proper black maxi. Nothing I've seen has quite triggered the buying reflex so far. Luckily Asos can solve almost every shopping desire. I think I'll go for the two on the right for now, they're both on sale.

And to end on a lighter note. Just look at all this prettiness! Really digging those jeans, but I never ordered jeans online, pants shopping is quite tricky. But who not dares, doesn't win, right?!

Sweater & glasses: Boohoo/ Earrings & jeans: Asos

After making these mood boards I realised that every item in here would work so great together. Darn, this only made things worse! Just thing of the endless combination possibilities! First world problems...

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm totally obsessed with kimonos and oriental prints. I dream about a perfect vintage piece, but they are hard to find and quite expensive. The fact that Zara has a large collection of them at the moment, doesn't really help. I WANT THEM ALL! Because I know I'll wear them till they fall apart.
But before I get my hands on some new ones, I want to show you the one I already have.
I also scored this one at Zara, during the sale, about two years ago. It's a super lightweight silk (so soooft) .Luckily fashion is like a treadmill, before you know, the old is back to new again, but a kimono never goes out of style.

To the Belgian people: Enjoy your day off! I'll be sick in my bed and back to work tomorrow. 

Wearing: Zara kimono & skirt, Wild Doll wedges, c/o Prada Baroque sunglasses, DIY earrings, Storm ring.

I'm not sure how I got my legs that tanned already, but the picture looks a bit darker.

Changing back to comfortable shoes to take a walk, these wedges aren't really walk material.