Monday, April 21, 2014

Mixing classic with sport

An evening Geox bloggers event was the perfect occasion to pull out my cream Pimkie biker jacket out of the closet. I haven't been wearing it a lot, because of my purple ombre bleeding on everything light. Quite organically this rather classic black and white outfit formed itself, to balance it out (and because I'm lazy) I added the best footwear out there, Nike Airmax sneakers. Quite happy how sneakers are even okay with ball gowns nowadays, comfort above all!
Speaking of comfort, attending the Geox event was a real eye opener. Footwear can be comfortable and pretty, but more about that laters, when I have some event pictures.

Wearing: Pimkie biker jacket, C&A cashmere sweater, Zara shirt, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers, River Island earrings, Karl Lagerfeld bag.

I hope you had a nice Easter weekend, I finally had some days off to relax, read and eat a lot, bliss!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Checked coat and navy

Lately, every time I start a post, I seem to apologies for my absence. This time is no different, my career life has been taking a new and very exciting spin, so I was busy with that. I won't lie as I say that I've been mostly stressed and tired lately, but I know all is for a good cause. 
I haven't been much outside besides of work too, going out of the door in the morning and returning in the evening. I'm happy to have my new Zalando coat, I recently ordered, to wrap myself into. Seeing fellow Belgian bloggers posts, I mostly feel like living in another country, as I have been freezing lately and I just see people wearing bare legs and dresses. I guess I'm still used to very hot temperatures representing Summer clothes.

I've been wearing that coat for several days and so in love with it, it's super soft and the model reminds me of a bathrobe (which is a good thing). The price was just 44,95 euros, peanuts for a coat, if you ask me and since I'm a coat addict, it comes in handy for my collection.

Gotta run now, as I'm going to a bloggers event, which I haven't been to in AGES. I don't lie when I say I'm hellah busy.

Wearing: c/o Zalando Collection coat, Zara shirt, sweater and boots, River Island skirt, c/o Swatch watch, Balenciaga bag.


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