Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In between takes

Well, I just had an amazing weekend. First I went to a great party where I danced till 6 am. When I'm on the dance floor I can let it all go. Dancing is a sort of meditation for me, so once in a while I need my dose of it.
After recovering of that night for a day, we went to our favorite Belgian festival called Graspop Metal Meeting. I love hard music and Graspop has been the festival I went to for a few years in a row now. Among lots of bands, which you probably never heard about, we saw Guns 'N Roses this year. It was a first time for me and although the band is not the same without Slash anymore, I enjoyed the show. We stood relatively in the front and could see Axl Rose pass by. I don't appreciate his Vegas meets cowboy style, but the man still can sing. The show lasted for 3 hours and after being on our feet the whole day, we only lasted for 2,5 of them.
I'm glad I had the chance to see them live, wish I was around when they had their glory years!

This is the outfit that I wore to the party. I just love this dress. I found it together with the white Sisley jacket from the previous post. Unfortunately the labels are cut out, so I don't know which brand it is.

Wearing : thrifted dress, Sacha shoes, Butler & Wilson bracelet, ebay ring, Dyrberg/Kern earrings, Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sporty again?!

I guess I didn't exaggerate when I said I wear this sneakers a lot. At the moment they're the most appropriate for the sucky weather we're experiencing again. They're also very comfortable to wear, I'm sure I already said that...
Well, this outfit needed to be practical, as we were going for a shoot in a park. So guess, I had that excuse. Who am I kidding, I don't need any excuse to wear anything, was just messing with you! 
As I was saying we went to Citadel Park in Ghent to shoot among pervy men and ducks. My best friend wanted to take some pictures of her piece before her jury. We used my camera and I was just assisting, or ass sitting :)
First I sweated my ass off while we went up hill with lot's of bags, the weather was normal and sunny. But when the evening came closer, I was actually glad I was wearing my new pleather jacket. The biggest pleather disadvantage, not being breathable, proved to be a major plus, as the temperatures got quite chilly.
I bought this Sisley jacket at clear out in the local second hand store for a ridiculous price. Scoring such bargains makes me feeling a mighty shopper! The jacket is in perfect shape and fits these sneakers perfectly. This is probably also the most 'pastely' outfit from me yet.

Wearing: Sisley pleather jacket, Zara shirt, old jeans, ebay sneaker wedges, Six necklace.

I ended up stalking a family of ducks, who probably thought I was crazy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


As much as I enjoy parties, gatherings and social events, I often need some peace and quite to come to my senses. I like spending time alone while reading, drawing (hope to finally have some time to pick it up again) or just browsing the sea of internet. Spending time with my boyfriend has the same, soothing effect on me. We're on the same page with everything, so spending time with him comes effortlessly.
Besides the fact that too frequent contact with some people, leaves me drained, I need to watch my health, as I get sick quite fast. So I need to take it easy, which I mostly don't. At times like these I like to retreat in my shell. So now, I'm still sitting in my pjs and ready to crawl back in bed with a good book and take a nap afterward. 
I don't really know why I typed all of this. It's just going to be a random post, with housy stuff. 
Speaking about houses, I need to clean my room ASAP! Chaos is the best word to describe it right now.
So just some random shot's of the beautiful flowers in the garden and animals.

Peonies <3

Epic shot, I knows!

This dog really knows how to make a sad face!

And this is the princess of the house. My boyfriend's cat, is the most incredible cat a person can wish for. She loves me and comes to cuddle and sleep with me. When my cat just hates me.
She can be called a 'cosy cat', she likes all places cosy :)

Urbanears giveaway closes tomorrow, so don't forget to participate here 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Casual sporty

Well, sporty never really been in my vocabulary, nor in my wardrobe (for at least 8 years), but recently I've been trying to change both things. You all know those new year resolutions, working out is on 90% of them, I'm sure. It always is on mine, but due to lack of time and general laziness, it stays a resolution. I've been doing some home work outs, so it's something.
What concerns my wardrobe, these days I enjoy a laid back style, especially in daily routines. 
I'm yet another fan of the wedge sneaker trend. After looking for an alternative, 'cause let's admit it, just the lucky few can afford them, I found nothing I liked. Nothing! And instead of paying 200 euros for something I didn't like, I paid much less for something I did. Yes, Ebay and I are friends. I know some people are screaming how much they hate fake goods, I hate them too. Off course something with logo's or names on it is a big NoNo, but for the rest of it... If you buy something from a high street brand as H&M and Zara, well, it's still the same. That's called picking up trends. There can be a long discussion about it, but that's just my opinion.
All I know is I've been enjoying my new wedge sneakers a lot, been wearing them every day and quite happy with it. You love it or you hate it :)

I wore this outfit throughout the weekend, I switched to shorts too. I wore it to a trip to Tilburg, Netherlands. Me and my boyfriend made a little city trip to visit the Nature History Museum and to go to the show of Black Veil Brides. I'll show you some pictures soon. We also finally went to see The Hunger Games, I liked it. Bought the first two books to read.

I accidently knocked out the biggest stone out of my favorite Vivienne Westwood brooch. Still so sad about it, need to fix it!

Wearing: Mango blazer, Takko shirt, H&M jeans & necklace, Ebay sneakers, Michael Kors watch, Vivienne Westwood orb brooch, Zara bag, Butler & Wilson skull bracelet.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Urbanears Giveaway!

I'm happy to finally host this giveaway. It's been on the list for a while, but never fitted my time schedule. Well, it's here! Thanks to the girls at Oona PR, I'm giving away two pairs of Plattan Urbanears headphones, the quilted black edition. These headphones make my heart beat faster. They're classy and tough at the same time. A combination that I favor! Not only they look good, but they sound good as well and the quilted padding makes them softer. All this perfection on your head to transmit your favorite tunes right into your ears! 
So, who's in?

What you have to do win these babies?!

1. Follow me via Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin' or like my Facebook page
3. Leave a comment telling me about your most amazing music experience
4. Leave your name and an e-mail adress. I'll choose the two lucky winners and contact them by e-mail. 

The giveaway ends at 22nd of June at 18.00 +1CT and is open to international readers.

Good luck!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Though I've been on a shopping restriction lately, several little purchases resulted in a large amount of new stuff. Big fat fail, yeah! It would be smart not to shop in June anymore, cause sales are just a month away. But my addicted heart is craving so much stuff at this moment. Oh, frustration!
The only way is to freeze my cards, Shopocholic style and never turn on the internet again. Oh, and throw out all the magazines! On the agenda is still saving up for a whole house hold and maybe some more designer stuff. But I'll be just as happy with a limitless Zara budget.
Next Monday we're going to shop for my boyfriend, we'll see what that will bring. Must hold myself togetheeer! Please say you understand what I feel!

In the mean time some additions to my wardrobe and jewelry collection. I could seriously dress a fashion army...

I was out of perfume for a while, but gladly I had some DKNY samples of the limited edition of Be Delicious. Pink Macaron was my favorite, so I decided to buy it. It smells like candy and is perfect for the summer! Couldn't resist those candy spiked bracelets from Asos. Jewelry addict above all!

This kind of shirt was on my DIY list for years, but the lack of time always stopped me. I picked up this pink shirt at Zara. The black one is still on the DIY list, myst do something about it soon!

The Guns 'N Roses shirts have been all over the internet lately. I was looking for one for a long time, but usually I hate most band shirts for several reasons. This shirt is perfect because it really has that vintage feel to it. It could easily come from the 90's. The print is just slightly washed and the fabric is super soft! I lived in it for a few days.
Oh, yeah, and unlike some others, I'm actually a fan of GNR and not just a fashion victim. Going to see them in two weeks, actually.

Cross earrings have also been on my wishlist for years. Gosh, what a long list this is :/ They could be worn together or separately. A perfect match with my GNR tee or the rest of my wardrobe. Crosses everywhere!

You have all kinds of addicts, clothes, shoes, bags, but I guess I'm a jewelry addict. My room is stuffed with it. I also collect brooches. This fella is the latest addition to my collection. He was on sale, due to a slight leg injury, poor thing. No other way than to adopt this little beetle. I love his emerald coat so much!

In the mean time two pair of (free) shoes have arrived, going to show them soon.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

At the harbor

This is what I wore to the Sacha event. I wasn't feeling very well, so I went for a comfy & casual look. This very American like outfit was perfect for the harbor, near which the venue was located. 
It wasn't on purpose, though. My brain wasn't really functioning at all, that day. Originally I was wearing a white men's shirt, but I changed just before leaving, because it was too hot outside. In this combination, I like the striped shirt even more.
I must admit that light jeans were kind of a challenge, but seeing boyfriend jeans pop up everywhere, I wanted a pair as well. I bought them back at the sales in January, but was waiting for warmer temperatures. After wearing them for two days, they became my new favorite jeans. Can't wait to try them out with heels, for a more sophisticated look. 
The theme of the event was 'A touch of yellow'. I just have two yellow items in my wardrobe, one of them is a sweater. The rest is more of a lime, neon shade of yellow, I'm hooked on it. So, my 'touch' was this neon clutch.

I love my new, don't know what to call them, mint 'sneakers' from H&M. Been wearing them a lot, but I'm afraid they won't last that long. Not expecting much for 10 euro's.

Wearing: Zara jeans & shirt, H&M shoes, keychain & studded bangle, Mango clutch, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Swarovski earrings, Michael Kors watch.

Friday, June 1, 2012 Launch

If you live in Belgium and Netherlands Sacha is the 'go to' for trendy and affordable shoes. 
I, myself have quite a lot of pairs from Sacha. I especially love their boots!
In the time when every respectable brand has a webshop, Sacha couldn't stay behind. The Belgian webshop is now a fact and we were invited to the launch party to test it. Even my migraine and face disaster couldn't stop me. That's how far a girl will go for shoes!

I must say that the webshop is very practical and easy to use. But what's the most exciting thing about webshops? Well, shopping, like DUH! And shop we did. We could choose a pair of shoes from the Sacha webshop. I had my mind set on the studded pair of Chloé lookalike boots. I wanted them for a long time and I know I'll wear them plenty. Now I'm just waiting for Mr. Postman to ring the doorbell!

In the meantime some pictures from the launch.

Loved these studded wedge sneakers as well!

I can't wait for the day that my shoes are going to be displayed on shelves, instead of hiding in boxes. Sooon! I've got major plans for a walk in closet/work space in our house.