Torn leather

So, remember my Margiela x H&M leather pants that I scored for just 20 euros? It appears this was their real value. After wearing them for a few times my right knee ripped open on what already was a one shitty day, a few weeks ago. I was mad and disappointed and the pants only made it worse. Well, at least it was just my knee and not my ass seam that ripped, speaking of luck, right?!
As I later figured it out, the leather itself was just a few millimeters thick and the lining wasn't much better.
The rest of the pants now shaped up to my body and are even loose around my waist.

I'm still disappointed, but at least I still can wear them. It even may look as I did it on purpose, holes and tears are as hip as ever. Just imagine some mad woman paid the original price of 400 euros!!! for them and had the same happen. I'd go berzerk for sure!

I went to see the American rock band Halestorm play in this outfit. The concert was in a pretty cozy and small venue and it was really good and very hot! After all these guys won a Grammy this year for best Rock/Metal Album. The lead singer, Lizzy, has an amazing voice that I'm soo jealous of and amazing guitar skills too. All the band was super friendly and humble which is always nice.
This was my second time seeing them play and I'll definitely will be going again the next time they play here.

2013 will be the year of great concerts for me.

Wearing: Lipsy leather jacket, H&M faux fur vest & bracelet, C&A shirt, Margiela x H&M pants, Sacha boots, Michael Kors watch, Twice As Nice ankh bracelet, Asos earrings, Name necklace, Six rings.

Found these, initially, toe rings in my drawer recently. While it's impossible to wear them on my feet now, decided to give them a new purpose and love the result!

Thanks to Indra for the pictures ;)

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