Advertorial: Sunglasses Shop

The upcoming spring, which seems to take ages, is the perfect time to get a new style of sunnies on.
As you already must have noticed accessories are an important part of my look and sunglasses are accessories too (duh). I must admit my collection is huge. Besides my basic black Laramie Ray-Bans that I wear quite often all year around, I also own some special pairs. I like to be able to choose depending on the outfit, the weather, my mood, ... 

If you are a lover of sunglasses like me, I recommend to check out the international Sunglasses Shop.
You can choose your country or region and shop away. Women as well as men can find sunnies for any occasion and any budget. With prices starting as low as £6 and a free delivery you sure can find bargains.
And there're a lot of brands and designers to choose from, yes, even Chanel.

Among the different search criteria such as color and frame you can choose from models according to face shape and hairstyle! Sounds handy to me!

Currently on my wishlist is a mirrored pair in green and/or purple. Oakley has some nice pairs, drooling away. Let spring finally come to town!

Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Paris by Hans Feurer

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