Blue Spring

I won't lie, I wasn't feeling it lately. I too was hit by this winter blogging blues.
I was tired of wearing so much layers and my winter basics only go so far. Luckily the weather is slowly turning around and some warm days are awaiting us this week. 
This is an instant boost for my mood, nothing is as lovely as the sun shining and that smell of spring in the air.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to work out more (not that I did a lot in the past). This is probably the first year this resolution is actually more than just a resolution. Me and my boyfriend started swimming once a week. Not a lot, but better than nothing. We've been going for a month already and my arms aren't sore anymore. I used to be a bad swimmer, just couldn't swim for longer than 1m. in shallow water.
I'm no Michael Phelps now, but at least I can swim about 20m at once without sinking. I already can see the improvement of my shape and physique, so I'm happy!

The problem also often lies in sportswear for me. Affordable, but stylish sportswear is so rare. Just in time came the sport's collection of La Fille d'O for JBC. I spent about 30 minutes doubting what I was going to buy and ended up buying the oversized hoody and onesie. 
Both items are perfect for sporty action or just lying on the couch (in style), which also has to happen!

I'm absolutely in love with this silk back of the hoody. Such details make the difference between sportswear and fashion.
This weekend I went swimming and just chilled at home, snuggling with the bf and watching Hitchcock movies. My new items came in handy at all these occasions.

Wearing: c/o La Fille d'O x JBC hoody, Zara sweater, H&M blouse, Michael Kors watch, Twice As Nice silver ankh bracelet, c/o Swarovski wrap bracelet, Sacha boots, Emmanuel Bossuet x 3 Suisses silk foulard, DIY earring.

And this is my onesie, leotard, whatever it is, it's cute and comfy.

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