The Yellow Files

I've been seeing a lot of yellow popping up everywhere. Although I often love it on other people, yellow and I have a difficult relationship. There are several yellow items in my possession, though I don't wear them a lot. I prefer lime above the classic yellow and mostly go for accessories or details. A yellow dress somehow seems too bold (yes, even I have my limits), but I love to push my boundaries.

These are some of the items and looks I collected over the past few weeks.

Isn't all of this delicious?! I can't even start, that Filles à Papa top is yellow heaven and these CO Sagittarius loafers, I can't even... Dream shoes!

The new La Fille d'O Spring collection is just YUMMY! As always perfect pattern and shaping. Makes me long for summer even more.

This look from Say Hello Max is pretty sleek. The yellow pants give a true element of surprise.

To get used to yellow, a more subtle details.

And off course some Miroslava perfection.
(source - pinterest)

So, what do you think, liking the yellow vibe?!

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