Paul Smith Valentine

I was invited to spend this Valentine's day at the Paul Smith store to take a look at the spring collection. Among different reasons, such as friends working there and me wanting to check out the store for quite some time, I decided to go and also took the bf with. After all it was Valentine's day.

The selection of the female pieces was quite small and a lot of them were not my cup of tea, but some did  catch my eye. I was especially fond of the floral and tropical prints!
I was most impressed by the interior and decoration of the store, it felt quite homey and welcoming. It had that personal feel to it, I hate that absent and impersonal design of many luxury stores.

The evening was quite pleasant, I spent most of it by chatting with some interesting people that I met and sipping the delicious cocktails.

You can see the interior details that catched my eye. I just loved the ceiling and many pictures and photographs on the wall at the staircase.
I fell in love with the violet printed wallet, but it was quite overpriced and way out of my budget. I didn't even bother with the price tags of the clothing. Do love all the prints, though!

This cocktail was definitely in my 'Top 3' of all times :)

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