Let the sun in.

After making an inspiration post on yellow I decided to follow up on it and wear some yellow myself.
As the borderline weather has taken a turn to freezing yet again, it was the perfect opportunity to wear my yellow sweater. As it's pretty warm, it was perfect for this weather.
Me and bestie visited an expo about fabrics at MOMU, which was rather boring btw. As the weather outside was absolutely not picture prove (read snow and rain and crazy wind) so we took pictures inside.
Basically all there to tell.

Wearing: Thrifted sweater, Zara dress, Hema knee high socks, Veritas necklace, Sacha boots.

This outfit would also look pretty nice with my glitter Asos boots from the previous post, but the weather sucked so... I do like how these boots toughen the outfit a bit.

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