Favorite Spots: Antwerp

Happy Easter, peoplez! Hope you have a nice weekend and don't overdose on chocolate!

Today I want to tell you about some of my favorite spots in Antwerp. I visit Antwerp quite frequently, wether it's to meet with friends, to shop or visit an exhibition.


First up is Jili, a place with delicious coffee and bubble tea. 'Bubble what?'- you say. Bubble tea is all the rage is Asia and the Asian owners of Jili brought it to Antwerp. First you chose the tea, then the additional syrup and at last the bubble or jelly's flavor. I prefer the bubbles to jelly's, because they're more fun. Once in your mouth, the bubbles just pop and you can taste the flavor (insert dirty thoughts).
I must say I'm totally addicted to their bubble tea and the special coffees are pretty great too. Not only the drinks, but the interior also makes this place special. Both minimal and cozy and those rose gold lamps, I want one for home!

Jili Bubble Tea
Nationalestraat 100, Antwerp

The Public Image

One of my favorite shopping spots is The Public Image. With the friendliest shop keeper, Nele, the sickest beats and the coolest clothes selection in town, this store is worth visiting! You can find everything from jewelry to shoes (JEFFREY CAMPBELL!!!!) and also a selection of the coolest vintage garments. I must restrain myself every time I'm there, so beware for your wallet!

The Public Image
Wijngaardstraat 16, Antwerp

What are your fave spots in Antwerp?!

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