The lazy diaries

Yet again I'm apologizing for being absent here, more to myself, guilty conscious is a bitch, yah know?!
I've been busy working and recovering from it in my free days. Long days at work make me so lazy.
I swear I must have been a sloth in my past life. The blog name is quite pretty inaccurate, I was never an insomniac, more of the opposite. I spent most of my weekend tanning in the yard, watching True Blood and Dexter and eating Jelly Beans. Yes, life is good! Sunday we briefly went to Sjock Festival to see Rival Sons, yet again, they were great! I kind of skipped the outfit post part too. Terrible, I knowz.

But, don't start panicking yet, I have another outfit post from previous weekend still waiting. A pretty example of me being lazy. A kimono, skinnies and some kitten heels + very low on accessories. I wore it to grab dinner, no fuzz for me, but still pretty dressed up for an average Belgian citizen.
A little filter to make it a bit brighter and tadaaah!

Wearing: H&M kimono and ring, c/o G-Star Raw skinny jeans, Zara pumps.

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