Die Antwoord to EVRTHNG

Yesterday it was time for the first festival of the year. Unlike every other year I didn't go to Graspop (cries a little), cause the line-up wasn't great and I already saw the most bands anyway. Instead me and Annebeth went to see Die Antwoord at Couleur CafĂ©. I've never been to CC and have never saw Die Antwoord live. I must say I liked the atmosphere of the festival, most of all it's relaxed vibe. 

We were veeery excited to see Die Antwoord play and wanted a good spot to watch the show, but before it even started, we were already jammed 'sardine style' between a mass of people. When the show started it became even worse, though we had fun, it became very annoying and possibly health threatening when a large group of drunk 'male' species decided to fuck it up for everybody. We decided to leave and watch from outside of the tent, but not before I threatened one guy and kicked another, twice. Yeah, I tend to be a bit aggressive at times. As we could see from the outside, the tent was PACKED, there it was, the major mistake of the organization of not letting Die Antwoord play at the main stage. The view from outside the tent was much shittier, but at least we didn't get crushed to death.

As for the show, it was magnificent!! I could've danced all night. The beats were blasting, Ninja was sharp, Yolandi was her perfect little self. Nothing but respect for them I hope next time they'll be playing a venue or at least open air! 
Next week I'll be going to another festival, Sjock Rock, too see Rival Sons. This is truly the year of great gigs!

And zis is what I worez yesterdayz.

Rediscovered this patent leather jacket in my closet this week. Totally digging it, even with the 'sauna effect' it provides. 

Wearing: Wonder Woman jacket, H&M top, necklace, ring & bracelets, c/o G-Star Raw skinny, Ebay sneakers.

Tupac, another artist I love, too bad I'll never got the chance to see him.

My wedge sneakers really need a replacement, the sole of my left shoe is a bit deformed, so walking in them is not really comfortable anymore. Too bad, cause I really like them. I'll be looking for a new pair in the sales.

Some instagram shots from yesterday. To see more, including some jolly videos check out our Instagrams insomnia_heart & stylingdutchman

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