Sale Haul

It's that time of the year again, Summer sales. Everybody knows it. I love sales, I don't mind the sea of mad people, I can go that extra mile for a bargain and yes, sales can get dirty. This year I also got to experience the sales at the other. As I work in retail, I get the full experience of people throwing things on the floor and shizz like that. I don't really get it, to me it's the same as coming to another person's home and start to throw things on the floor and stepping on them. People should learn some manners!
So it's totally the month when I get irritated 1000 times more.

Anyhow, I scored some stuff too. Mostly for my Autumn (all year around in Belgium) wardrobe as I will get to wear it more than the Summer stuff. I purposely chose the items I know I'll wear a lot. I'm totally over impulsive buys at this moment. I think twice whether I really need another item and how I would combine it. 


I'm a sweater freak, I love an oversized sweater. Perfect for everyday with sneakers or biker boots. Also a leather jacket collector. This classic, long jacket caught my eye a while ago and I couldn't resist it. Perfect basic item! New sandals, I really needed a pair, as the ones that I own are already years old!

A nice simple dungaree. Pretty multi functional. The broccoli is from the IKEA, couldn't resist it. Wanted it for so long. Inner child isn't dead yet.

The Summer stuff, because we're actually having one now. Totally taking these items to the beach this weekend!


And finally today's purchases. I have extremely difficult feat when it comes to shoes, so I prefer the more expensive options, that don't kill them. I was looking for new wedge sneakers for a while, but nothing did it for me. These are actually gray and not as white as they appear. The 'Serafini' brand was unknown to me, but they have quite a lot of choice when it comes to wedge sneakers and some other pretty shoes. Totally going to keep my eyes open for it.
The fuchsia Tod's loafers were more of an impulse buy, they were too pretty not to take home. Total adoration!

I'll be heading to Antwerp for the (hopefully) last round of sales shopping. My poor bank account is slipping into a coma about now. I'll be saving up for the house renovations from the next month, no more shopping!

What did you buy at the sales?

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