Yes, we've been experiencing one. I'm actually glad. I love hot Summers, but Belgium is mostly known for crappy ones. I'm afraid that after this one the 'meh' weather will take over again, but we'll see.

I had the best weekend! I went to the sea side to visit bestie. We drank cocktails, went out (got hit on by a loot of lame guys), went to the sea and out to eat. The day after me, the boyf went out to swim and cruise around on a rubber boat. Good timez! Baking at work and at home these two days, was less fun, but at least I could catch up on some sleeping and Mad Men.

I wore this outfit for sea + swimming outing. Simple, but still eye catching. You've seen the shorts in the previous post, the top is also from the sales. I'm so into tops like this one at the moment!

Wearing: JBC top, Zara shorts, Black Balloon necklace, unkwnown old sandals, c/o Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.


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