Live in the moment

I planned this post to be light, mostly telling about how obsessed I'm with my new Asos dress and how wonderful my weekend was, but this day has been kind of bittersweet. As the rest of the world I heard of passing of Cory Monteith, it was actually the first thing on my Facebook feed, I was still in bed. 
Life is unexpected, that's for sure. I'm actually a Glee fan so I was very shocked. I didn't knew about his addiction until today, so I was surprised. As the cause of death is still unknown, the pattern remains somehow classic, a hotel room... Another proof that drugs aren't to be messed with. Glee has been a remarkable show, speaking about important subjects in a light tone. Yeah, I'm a sucker for musicals. My heart breaks imagining how Lea Michele must feel right now, losing her soon to be husband, after all they've been through. He was only 31, the same age as my boyfriend. 
I won't lie, these things scare me so much. Life can just snap every moment. 

Same as happened with Trayvon Martin, who just minded his own business walking outside one evening wearing a hoodie, on him a bag of skittles and some tea, when shot dead by an obsessed neighborhood watcher. Tray was only 17 years old at the time. Today was the final day of the trial and the shooter was acquitted (found not guilty) of second degree murder, claiming it was self-defense...

Sometimes I don't know what to make of it, I don't even start about the wars and the poverty and all the other horrible things in life. I try not to obsess too much, but it's a good thing to stand still and think for a moment, appreciate life and people around you more. Live in the moment.

I purposely keep this blog light hearted, but it's not bad to be serious at times, so rather than telling you how much I love my new dress in zillion words, this. 

Wearing: Asos dress, All Stars Converse sneakers, Fashionology necklace, Twice As Nice ring, Enrico Benetti bag, c/o Prada sunglasses.

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