Ahoy, matey!

Quite the literal interpretation of an outfit here. Wearing another of my (too many) sale purchases. 
A dungaree, pretty comfy piece of garment. Takes me back to my childhood, that seems pretty far away. Another country, another life. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been if we didn't came to Europe. Much less exciting, I guess. Everyone who moved must know that feeling of emptiness, especially if you can't go back, like I do. I do get nostalgic once in a while. I do hope to be able to visit my birth country soonish. Uzbekistan has the best Summers, by the way!

Pretending not to be an adult just for a while is nice, isn't it?!

Wearing: Zara dungarees and sandals, 1 2 3 top, c/o Swatch watch.

And another meme, since they tend to be popular with you, guys :)

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