With flowers in the hair

Inspired by my previous post I went looking for a flower headband today.
I met with a good friend at the local mall.
Last week I already scanned the possible stores in Antwerp, but found nothing that satisfied my needs.
Today I came up with a thought to definitely check out Claire's, you know that store full of teenage jewelry and Bieber stuff, but above all a large assortiment of different accessories.
And yet again I was right, off course I'm always right, but still. Right there between Bieber and Hello Kitty was the holy grail of hipster fashion, the flower headband. There weren't one or two, but dozens of different ones, but only one caught my eye straight away. Mission accomplished! I'm now officially an owner of a flower headband. I directly put it on in the mall. This mostly delivered strange looks from the 98% mall visitors.
People are still pretty conservative in my home town. Although one girl shouted at me that my headband was 'super cool' and asked me where I bought it. A little moment of fashion glory :)
Also debuting the first brown pair of shoes I recently bought. I'm in love with these fringed booties, or everything fringed for that matter.

Wearing: Zara jeans shirt and skirt, Claire's flower headband, H&M bag and necklace, Essentiel tail, Michael Kors watch, Glamzz boots.


  1. haha you funny 'holy grail of hipster fashion, justin bieber'. Die bloemenkroontjes doen mij altijd denken aan het middelbaar waar alle meisjes op onze school er maakten en in hun haar stopten, een uur later stank van verwelket bloemen.
    Niet zo'n fan van the tail, cause it's a real foxie :(

  2. love love love the last photo, so cute <3


  3. gooood busy schatteke !!!!!!! pocahontas indian crazed loving them bootzzzzz xxxx

  4. die ketting = love :) ben blij dat ik die ook heb!

  5. VERY VERY CUTE!! love it :)



  6. Je ziet er geweldig uit! Wauw :). x

  7. I don’t think I could pull of a flower headband, but you look great! so spring-like! :)