Mr. Galliano, I miss you!

Just a little reminder of how big of a fashion hero John Galliano really is.
Eternal love to him for changing fashion. Dior would not be what it is at this point
if it wasn't for him. It's sad to see how ungrateful people can be sometimes.
I miss him and his brilliant vision. Hope he'll be back some day.
Enjoy this red parade.

Images of differen haute couture collections of the 00's.


  1. it is stunningly beautiful

  2. his work is definatly an art but well everyone will remember him as a racist!! too bad he ruined his life !! great blog tho new follower x

  3. You're so right. He's a true genius.
    I don't approve what he said, but still, everybody has been so judgemental towards him.
    He clearly has some issues, and that video was just a small hint of all the problems he's been going through.
    Lagerfeld talks shit about people almost every day and nobody's making a big deal out of that.
    He'll come back though, he has to. He has too much talent to let it go to waste!

    x Krizia

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