Short road

I have a confession to make, lately I've been addicted to jeans shorts. They are way more comfortable than jeans and I've been wearing my two pairs a lot. I guess it's my guilty pleasure. Today I bough two old Levi's jeans, which I'm currently DIY'ing into shorts (will try to make a post out of it). Short shorts are only to be worn with tights in public, I prefer black opaque pairs to avoid looking like a circus. I really don't feel the need to display my ass on a daily basis. Also it's almost never warm enough to walk around without. We did got lucky yesterday, though. We had some beautiful weather and I was trying to catch a tan in the yard. But coming from a country where +45°C is normal temperature, trying to catch a tan here is pretty useless most of the time.
I still enjoyed the nice weather and the summery feeling that comes with it. Hope my skin had a chance to build up on that vitamin D, ' cause shitty weather is back in town.

The pictures where taken on the previous day, that explains tights and jacket. Unfortunately my battery miraculously died over the weekend, so I couldn't take pictures of my new dress. These pics were also taken with a simple digital camera. But it's still something. 
Lately I've been loving the whole Navajo trend. I know, it's been around for a while, but still, my inner Indian girl has found a way out.

I finally had the time to cut and dye my hair the past Sunday. It's much shorter now and in the first stage of the ombre adventure, I just couldn't resist it!

Wearing: Lipsy leather jacket, Zara shirt and shorts, Essentiel loafers and tail, H&M bag, necklace and ring, Topshop bones bracelet.


  1. Love your outfit.

  2. there is no better thing on planet earth then denim shorts


  3. ooh la la I really adore this outfit! I've been making a lot of cut offs for summertime, too <3


  4. Excited to floow your ombre adventures! And coveting your bag...

  5. Omg, that jacket, those loafers, the jewelry, GREAT! <3

  6. Your hair is cool! And great accessories!

    xo Sarah

  7. I love the jewelry in this look, especially the bones bracelet :)