Candy Cane

Well, let me start this post by screaming out: 'I'M FINALLY FREEEEE!!!' 
Excuse me my enthusiasm, but after weeks of being held hostage behind my laptop, I'm finally finished with my thesis. It's already printed and I only have to drop it off at my college tomorrow. 16000 words later I feel both happy and relieved and kinda proud too. Though I was never one to pay a lot of attention to my grades. I guess I was lucky I always had good grades without doing a lot of effort for it. Though education is important, remember that kids! In the end the amount of diploma's won't make you better or smarter at living your life or the choices you make. Being smart in life and in studies doesn't always go together, but that depends on the person, I guess.

Well, enough rambling about smartness. My thesis is slayed and that calls for a celebration!
I did that by finally relaxing in the sun, with a minor sunburn as a result. But I finally have some color now. Though I enjoy being pale in the winter, I hate to be nor pale or tanned in the summer. You know when your shoulders get a color, but the rest of the body still looks white? Well, I try to avoid that. I overdid it a bit, by lying around in the sun for hours, while reading. I looked like a lobster for the first 24 hours, but now only my shoulders and neck area are still sore. I didn't expect to get burned, that never happened before in Belgium, but I guess I didn't try as hard before as I did now. Well, a lesson learned!

Still I couldn't be happier with the current weather, sun always makes me happy. So does my new dress with candy cane stripes. It's perfect for the summer. Such an effortless 50's look takes me to the setting of an American diner or a drive in cinema. Oh, how I wish I could time travel!

The dress is made by a Belgian designer called Caroline Mampay. The range of dresses goes from children sizes to grown up's. The shoes are from my beloved Belgian lingerie brand La Fille d'O. I bought both items at the Contemporary Fashion Days or the designer stock sales, last month.

Wearing: C'est Quoi la Vie? dress, La Fille d'O shoes,Vivienne Westwood brooch, Laramie Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Meanwhile in the 'backstage' our dog tries to get attention.


  1. Wow, dat is echt een prachtige jurk! Staat jou supermooi :).

  2. Congratulations, lady! You look gooooorgeous in this outfit!
    Enjoy your freedom ;-)

  3. Proficiat! Geniet van je welverdiende vrijheid ;)
    Fijne outfit ook!

  4. Je ziet er stralend uit! Die jurk staat je fantastisch!

  5. die jurk is echt prachtig!! heerlijke foto's ook. Ik smeer me veel in dit jaar, ik probeer verantwoordelijk te leven en ik word al 25! :D

    1. Soms vergeet ik over 'verantwoordelijk leven' en dan moet ik de gevolgen dragen, zoals nu :p

  6. Congrats for finishing the assignement. I will face it in 2 years :P
    You look great

  7. Love that dress in the fullsun. Wonderful photos.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll.
    I am sure we are going to become great blogger friends, yeahhhhhhhh

  8. such a nice dress and I love these pictures :) congrats on the slaying of your thesis, I know how good it feels!

  9. Well done!! Now enjoy your freedom :D ... The dress and specially the brooch is AMAZING <3 ..