Same old uniform

Every time I'm unsure or bored with my style, I get back to my style basics: the uniform!
From the age of seven till I was thirteen, I had to wear a uniform at school. We were free to choose between any white blouse - black skirt ensemble. I must admit I liked it. That must have been the start of my school uniform fetish. I love reading books about boarding schools, or watch movies and series. Cruel Intentions comes to mind, must watch it again soon! Remember Kathryn's 'magic' necklace? ;)
Years later I'm still in love with this style, though I try to give it a bit of an alternative spin.
Today I had one of these 'I hate my wardrobe' moments and I didn't have much time to choose, so I just played it safe. Yes, this is playing it safe for me, some people might think otherwise...

After my trip to school I met up with Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman to help her out with an interview about Lady Gaga (whom we both love, just sayin'). Afterwards we took some outfit pictures. The location that best suited my outfit was the old cemetery not far from her house. Although I love pictures of and at cemeteries, I don't want to appear disrespectful + I'm kind of superstitious (yes, really).
So we just stayed at the gate, but still got a nice background there. I'm still dreaming of a full on goth shoot there.

Loving how totally EVIL I look in this picture!

Overknee socks rock!

Wearing: Zara skirt, sweater and bag, Manigance jacket, Sasha boots, Butler & Wilson skull bracelet, Pieces skull scarf.

Thank you, dear Annebeth for taking pictures! Kudos all the way!


  1. The uniform suits you :) like like like

  2. Love this outfit on you!! Staat je echt heel goed, leuke foto's ook!!

  3. looks good on you :)


  4. Wat een mooie outfit! De school uniform look staat je goed ;)

  5. oooh de foto's zijn mooi geworden! and you know I love your outfit en uniforms! :D

  6. love your rock style!
    cool blog!
    Visit my blog, and if you want we can follow each other via GFC and via Bloglovin'!!!
    Let me know!
    have a great day!

  7. I love the bracelet and the scarf! Preppy goth! I love school uniform esque outfits too and cruel intentions is a great movie.

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  9. you're gorgeous, I love the photos and i love your outfit, it is very baording school, but a naughty boarding school kind of style :)


  10. Leuke outfit, zou het niet erg vinden in dit uniform naar school te moeten! :D xx