May I introduce you a new love of mine, I'm sure you've seen them many times before. 
But still, to me they're very special. I'm talking about my new Prada Baroque sunglasses.
These sunnies were kindly offered to me by a Dutch webshop called SmartBuyGlasses
Their website offer a large scale of designer sunglasses at reduced prices. You can choose between a large scale of designers and models. Make sure to visit their webshop at 
I must say the service of the webshop is great too, I never had so many updates about my order before.
I've been in love with these sunnies ever since they made their appearance in the Prada ad. Unfortunately they were a tad out of my budget. But dreams do come true sometimes and we're reunited at last! I don't care that these glasses were all over the internet, around here they're still quite 'shocking'. You'll see a lot of them in the future. Now we only need more sun to go with them!


  1. omg i have the same ones. in tortoishell. i just bought them in london on my way to bucharest, havent worn them yet. but they look amazing on u.

  2. Oe, I still love those babies. Had ze aan in Portugal op reis vorige zomer maar ja, op reis ineens zoveel geld uitgeven, dat kon ik niet. Heb er stiekem nog wel wat spijt van. Vind de nieuwe Baroque's ook niet mis!

  3. love your sunglasses!