Winter is still here, so is the snow. 
It gets harder every time to get dressed for the weather.
But I'm too busy to go out of the house anyway, as I have to study for my exams.
I've already did 3 and have 5 to go.
This are hard times for me, studying the whole day isn't what you call "fun". 
And my desktop computer also died last sunday, we were best friends for more than 6 years :(
I was without internet for two days, pretty hard for an addict like me. Now I have to borrow my bf's laptop.
It died at the moment when I was about to post those pictures.





  1. Leuke en warme outfit!
    Veel succes nog met je examens!

    Groetjes, Judith

  2. Wow! Gorgeous look.
    Loving the cardigan!

    I have posted a picture inspired by MK necklaces, I would love you to have a look and tell me what do you think.

    See you soon.

  3. beautiful boots! I love this outfit! so chic!

  4. Love your boots and the fur! I know how you feel, being without a personal computer / internet is so hard! xx

  5. Idd, die McCartney-shoes zijn alleen als je weet dat je ergens naartoe gaat om te zitten en mooie te wezen. :p
    En je outfit is superrrr!

    x Krizia

  6. lovely outfit! especially the drapey thing. Oh, and nice header!