Post B-Day - Pré X-Mas Wishlist

My birthday already passed and I turned 25 before the world ends once again. Winner! Christmas is just around the corner and so is 2013 (Well, at least if the world doesn't end, riiight?! Which it won't, at least not tomorrow, so don't sweat just yet.). So, some obligatory wishlists coming up here.

These wishlists are never ending, just admit it! There's never a point in your life when you don't crave another dress, gadget, book or whatever. This over-consumerism is exhausting. But not much to do about it, living in the woods with no internet is not my cup of tea.

So this is what I hope to find under the tree this year.

Series are the worst! They steal my life piece by piece. I'm really an addict.

Desperate Housewives is a series I didn't watch yet. Eight seasons is a lot, but I'm curious!
And if I'm feel like rewatching the old once, there're still Friends, The OC and Gilmore Girls

 I've kept a diary since the age of 11, I don't write as much as I used to, but I try to do it more frequently to practice my Russian. My old once are full of silly teenage stuff, but it's fun to reread them sometimes.
To also like scrap books, but don't find the time to do it (too much series, books and internet). The Journals of Keri Smith are perfect for a more creative way of keeping a visual diary. Each page suggests a task. The results of several journals I've seen online are remarkable. Really need to get this box!

Another one is a 5 year Question & Answer type of journal. One question a day, not a lot of work and a whole book full of information about yourself after 5 years.

I loooove all that glitters, the more sequins in my wardrobe, the happier I am. These items are perfect for the holidays!

Green sequined playsuit - Motel at Topshop, Go Bang sweater - Essentiel, Gold playsuit - Rare at Topshop,  Black glitter boots - Asos (going to get them for myself as a birthday present).

Never ending accessories crave.

Besides this all I crave a lot of books, but that's a story for another time. My small book case is full anyway. 

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