To breath with Kings

Winter's taking it's place. I kind of like the current weather, it's chilly, but super sunny outside. No rain, snow, wind or clouds. The best possible Winter weather if you ask me. Time to pull out my faux furs from the closet, definitely one of my most favorite pieces of clothing! I'm coat obsessed in general, so I could easily have a rainbow of faux furs and leather jackets in the coming years. 
I'm afraid I could never shake that Carrie quote of money hanging right were I can see it...

One of the new pieces that I recently added to the wardrobe is this Tutankhamun sweater I've been obsessing with for a few months. I loved everything related to ancient Egypt since I was a child and this sweater is the perfect reflection of it. Unfortunately I've never visited Egypt before, but I certainly hope to get a chance to visit all the beautiful historical sites someday!

Keeping it short today, as I have a pretty eventful week and need to get enough sleep and way too often I forget to do just that.

Wearing: H&M faux fur coat, Zara bag, necklace and boots, Oasap sweater, c/o G-Star Raw jeans, Pimkie beanie.

Love how my ombre almost blends in with the sweater.

Pictures by Annebeth 

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