Change For the Better #2 - Not Giving Up

The whole point of a challenge is to keep going through it, but as always, life will get in a way.
I'm both angry and ashamed that it took me so long for my next entry. 
You know these New Year resolutions, how long all of us actually keep them?
Getting fit has been on my list for years and I can actually say that I'm closer to it than ever.
Smaller portions of food and a dynamic work environment have shown great results, but still, I'm set to going to a sports school one way or another. I must admit I'm always busy, lazy or sick, but I will find the time to go and work my butt off! 

Giving up, no matter the goal, is always the easiest way. You've got to really want something, to find the power and the courage to fight for it and to own. You know that comfort zone, once you get into it, you kinda give up and go with the flow. Well, I tend to fight it, some life patterns are good, but some you have to fight against. I, as hell, don't want too much to regret when I'm old. I don't believe in a 'perfect body image', but I'm just curious if I can get those abs, ever. A girl has to know, right?

I was always jealous of those athletic type of girls such as Gwen Stefani or Pink, because I'm as sporty as a bag of potatoes. But I'll keep on pushing until I get there! 
Might as well go do push-ups right away, against the wall. 'Cause who we're kidding?! A sack of potatoes can't turn into a sports freak overnight.

And some motivational inspiration never hurt no one either!

In the meantime, while I'm revovering from a bad throat ache, I've started to work-out more at home. My abs ache a bit, must admit, a nice feeling.
Will be checking into a sports school asap, to hold these holidays pounds away. 'Cause I haven't given up on food, far from it!

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