Paris outfit

Okay, you basically saw what I was wearing in Paris, but let's pretend you didn't as I show you the better pictures, right?!
A week before Paris I fell in love with a biker coat, nothing surprising so far. The only detail it's that it's white/cream. Most people must think of black when they think of me. The truth is, I've been intrigued by white silhouettes for a while, but I get a stain on whites in just a few hours. Still, I went for it, because the coat cost me almost peanuts as it was from Pimkie. A store I rarely visit, because a lot of the items are for a slightly younger public. 
I was glad Annebeth showed me the biker jacket, otherwise I'd never have found out about it anyway. At first I was hesitant in the store, because WHITE COAT! But I'm so happy I bought it, totes in love (such a coat addict btw). The fact that the coat comes from a capsule collection of a blogger Camille Over the Rainbow says enough. There seemed to be other nice pieces in the collection, but the messy store prevented me from discovering them.

I managed not two buy one, but two favorite pieces at Pimkie that day. At last, I have my veiled beanie! Long after Jil Sander and my endless procrastination of my making one myself, I finally have one. I must say this beanie is a show stopper. I've had tons of compliments, people taking pictures of me. I was afraid of a lot of people wearing one this Winter, but I haven't seen anyone with it in real life so far. 

Wearing: Pimkie coat and beanie, Zara & bag sweater, H&M jeans, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers, Essentiel tail, Lanvin x H&M necklace.

I am yet to make a stain on the coat, doing a great job so far!
 Do you like wearing shades of white? 

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