2013 Round up

I've been kind of dreading this post, I don't know why really. Guess I've kind of been 
in a melancholy mood today, wishing this year would come to an end already.

2013 had it's great moments, but also those when I lost faith for some moments, also when it comes to society. I worked hard, didn't really play hard, though, (def. getting older), been to Paris once more and set some steps towards my dreams. Next year I need to work even harder, push myself even further
I'm both eager and scared of what 2014 will bring. It's gonna be a significant year when it comes to personal life, I'll be moving in with my boyfriend once the house is finished (is it ever, though?!?) I also hope my career path will take a definite direction.

Musically 2013 has also been a great year, I saw a lot of my favorite bands and artists, such as Lana Del Rey, Hurts, Die Antwoord, Rihanna, Placebo, 30 Seconds to Mars,... There're already a lot of concerts planned in the first half of the year for me, with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and probably Miley among them. What can I say?! I just love me some music! Not to worry, some heavier bands are also on the schedule, I haven't lost my love for heavy genres. I'm one of those people who listens to A LOT of genres.

I also made a little collage of what I hope to buy in 2014. We make money, we spend money. 
I guess I better start saving up for diss shizz. I also thought about buying a car (#WhoAmIKidding), but maybe need to work on that drivers license first.

2/4 of the collage I hope to make mine ASAP. Obviously you need a calendar at the start of the year and it OBVIOUSLY needs to have, my idol, Grumpy Cat in it. 
The leopard coat is from Zara and I'm going to buy it during the sales. My dream coat right thurr. 
Perfectly matching the coat , would be these Pigalle Louboutins. Just need to have them in my life, because I know I'll be wearing them a lot too and I sincerely believe grown up girls need expensive shoes!
And to totally wreck my bank account I dream of Rocco, the great Alexander Wang's bag. Not sure about the color, but I'm thinking grey shades, so I can switch between Winter and Summer.

So, I'll say 'Good Bye' already, as I have to work tomorrow (major buzz kill), and this is my last post of the year. I'll be checking in 2014.
I hope all of you will have a fun, but safe night of celebrations!

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