Season of the Witch

There's no escaping it, Fall is here and Winter is quietly creeping upon us. It's already dark when I have to leave early for work and soon it'll be dark when I come home from work too. The rain, the wind, the dry skin, the cold hands and feet, the eternal feeling of fatigue and my bangs that won't stay in place, THIS IS FALL & WINTER! But not all is drama, it's also snuggling under blankets, boyfriend warming my feet, hot coco or milk before bed time, the Fall fashion with endless layering for me and the new TV season!!!

As I told before, I'm a huge series addict, series take away a major part of my life and are one of my fave ways to waste time. But it's not really a waste to me, because some series are really a work of art these days! I also watch some teenage stuff, like 90210, because it's fun. 

I'm MAJORLY excited for the return of American Horror Story on October 9. It's like one of the best series on television and I'm so, so addicted. Everything about it is PERFECTION! The cast, the plot, the sets, EVERYTHING! Season 2 was one of the best things in television history! I can't even understand how, when al of the latest major horror films suck major ass, a horror series can be that brilliant!
I also love how every season is another story, but with a big part of a returning (BRILLIANT) cast.

Three words about season 3: Witches, Salem, New Orleans! I'm saying it again, flipping EXCITED!
I love witches, The Craft has always been one of my favorite movies and I was drawn to wicca and dreamed of magic powers and shizz. I even laid cards, with surprising accuracy. 
Even my style has been 'witchy', especially during the Winter months. I'm totally channelling my inner witch this Winter too!

Actually, I already started, as the weather has been chilly. 

Wearing: Cora Kemperman coat, Mexx top, H&M belt and jeans, c/o Sacha boots, Zara bag, Mango earrings, Storm ring.

As you probably have noticed, I'm still on that ombre road. After cutting my hair, I had another appointment with St├ęphanie at Bed Head to take it up a notch and go lighter. The first one was actually just a preparation.
I'm seriously digging the result, my hair looks almost on fire and provides a nice contrast to my dark Winter wardrobe. I have another ombre step in mind for the future, but for now I will be enjoying this.
The pictures were taken after the appointment, so my hair looks pretty perfect. Thanks to Annebeth for the pictures, she always makes me look mah best!

So, have you watched the first two seasons of AHS? You totally should've!
You can also watch the seasons in random order.

Here's a preview of what's coming for season 3. GOOSEBUMPS

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