Do it like a gent.

Men's attire found a way into the women's wardrobe and is now an un-missable part. Can someone imagine not wearing pants? Don't think so... Thanks to the legendary Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent the masculine attire is one of the biggest fashion trends of all time. I must admit I love these dress references myself. My wardrobe is full of classic pants, jackets and bow ties. But not only the classic wardrobe is full of male references, the casual day to day clothing has some too. Boyfriend jeans, sweaters, shirts and sneakers are a must these days. And I'm guilty of it all. And do you know that feeling of actually wearing a piece from your boyfriend with the smell of his cologne still lingering. I LOVE IT!
What we do need is more female references in a male closet, to make it equal, don't you think? Breaking those boundaries. Did you know that men in heels were very normal through some periods in history? And what lady can beat Marc Jacobs in a skirt?! The skinny jeans trend must be one of these things. Started by the boys from the Ramones in the 70's and now a widely accepted male/female item.

I'm very into the jogging pants trend these days, I love how you can totally dress it down and wear them at home or dress up with heels and be ready for a night out. Comfort meets beauty ( I can totally understand that people won't agree on the beauty part, though). 
I was looking for a perfect daily jogging myself, but nothing was quite right, until I accidentally stumbled on a black pair at the C&A. The pants have that typical jogging cut, but are made from a more classic fabric, which makes it a WINNER! I've been wearing them for days now. For this outfit I decided to dress them up a bit and go for that typical Italian men style, with loafers and a bold jacket. Classy, but still comfy.

Wearing: Zara blazer, Moschino Cheap & Chic top, C&A pants, TOD'S loafers, H&M rings.

Recently I started to collaborate with Zalando, together with different Belgian bloggers we try to expand and improve our scene. Here's a little insight into the biggest trends in female fashion for the Fall season. Men's fashion is one of them.

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