Nike hunt

Nothing new here, just being a major trend slut and obsessing over Nike Air Max for a while now.
I've been endlessly contemplating which pair to get, looking in stores both real and virtual. 
It was still warm when I started looking, some brighter pairs have caught my eye, but while we're slowly going into Winter, I decided I'd be better off with a darker pair. Because, who am I kidding, I'll be needing that brighter one next Spring (a shoe deal would be nice too). I need that cool comfort in my life, because my feet have a troubled sole (pun intended).

For now I'm fixed on getting this pair. I saw it in a window display on a Sunday, breaking in has crossed my mind for a slight second. I also saw them in my home town (getting hip, I guess) today, but all sizes except for 42 were sold out, damn you hipsters!
I love the purple details, but an overall dark feel of the shoe. Witches need comfy shoes too!

Some street style inspo

I love how this girl integrates her same Air Max into different outfits!

(images via Pinterest)

My sexy Annebeth rocking this minimal look like no other. I love how her style evolved over the time I've been following her.
These are actually the ones I wanted to get first, but as you can see, pretty light and perfect for warmer weather.

I'm not only loving the Nike Air Max, but also pretty much into Dunk Sky Hi and Dunk High and also some Adidas high top sneakers, but unfortunately I still haven't found thoese much needed millions.
And I'm actually planning to use them in some kind of work out activity in near future, imagine that!

So, are you also into the sneaker trend?

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