Mirrored aviators and another bomber jack

So, the bomber together with a simple strap top are the two favorite pieces of the past season for me.
Also I have been wearing quite a lot of white, yes, white! Really simple and elegant (so phresh and so clean), only I wish I could go through life without staining every white item I own. I mostly stick to white at the top, an overall white look is still a bit out of reach for me. Need to try it next Summer, though. 
Overall I've been looking for great basics to invest in, I guess I really am growing up.

This is another of my sale purchases, I did score quite some stuff it seems. Another bomber jacket in white with an oriental phoenix print. Bombers + phoenixes = EPIC WIN.
Combined with my new blue mirrored aviator sunnies from Ray-Ban, a total match made in heaven.
Once again Smartbuy Glasses didn't disappoint! I can't get over how large their offer is.
The only thing you have to do is know what model you like best and sometimes it's hard to choose. They also have a lot of optical glasses at different price ranges, something for everybody.
I'm curious, did any of you bought a more expensive pair of glasses or sunnies online? I'm so used to it, but I can imagine it's a big step for a lot of people, no?

I must warn you, this outfit is totally not accurate anymore. Sunday was sunny and quite warm, but since Monday night we've been hit by, what seems, never ending rain and cold temperatures. Still hoping for Indian Summer here, I need to be able to wear my new sunnies!

Wearing: Zara bomber jacket and shoes, JBC top, H&M jeans, Ebay bracelets, c/o Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

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