When everything else fails, choose Black.

Last Friday I went to the annual show of the fashion department of Ghent academy, KASK. I once studied there and now my bestie is going through the same. I mostly went to support her. It was nice to see some familiar faces too. I was not really impressed by the show. There were a few eye catchers, but all in all it was dull, more of the same things year after year. Just two master collections, which tells enough about the state in which the department is at, at the moment. Maybe next year will be better? Who knows...

Anyhow, this is what I wore, sans the heels, as I came straight from work, I wore flats. My dress, which I absolutely adore, is from H&M trend. Together with a jaguar top, my first sale purchases.
I'm kind of scared of the approaching sale season, as my wishlist is kind of endless. 
The dress could be also perfect in a more 20's style setting. I'm thinking a grande Gatsby party. Anyone?!

Wearing: H&M Trend dress, H&M shoes, Black Balloon earrings, Michael Kors watch, Fossil bracelet.

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