Lana Lovin

Last Friday me, Annebeth & Naomi finally had our little reunion. I haven't seen them since Halloween, with our totes busy schedules and all. And it was a total blast, because it was no regular day, we went to see Lana Del Rey! First we prepped up in Annebeth's bathroom (total teenage feeling), took outfit pictures and were on our way. We were a bit skeptical about the show, 'cause Lana's vocal range is like a rollercoaster, not always a pleasant ride. But that Friday night, she was on FIRE! The whole show was pure magic and by the end of the first song I was ready to marry her. She effortlessly switched between high en low notes and looked so laid back, sexy and confident. This was definitely the best possible version of Lana.
Another highlight was the attention that she gave her fans. During and at the end of the show, she took her time to greet, chat and take pictures with fans in the front and she even looked like she enjoyed it. She had to, because people tore her apart at some moments, touching her hair and face (I'd go berserk). Some next level shit, I tell ya!

Nothing but respect and total adoration for her. She does have it all. I won't be lying when I say I want to be her, even if just for a little while. She is the personification of the American Dream of 21st century and I love her!

And this is what I wore that day. I lost the flower headband (started to lose the flowers, need to put them on glue) and heels and just wore Annebeth's All Stars for the comfort.

Wearing: Pretty In Punk Mohair sweater, H&M pants, ASOS heels, DIY headband, Primark earrings, Michael Kors watch, Twice As Nice ring, Fossil bracelet.

Purple eyelashes for the win!


Pictures by Naomi, Annebeth & Filip

Lana the lovely (via de Morgen)

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